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If you could please leave a message, good or bad, about our site we would be glad to post it on our bulletin board.

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Dear Ron,
It was a pure accident when I discovered your website. I was searching for something on Yahoo! unrelated to your business. One of the listings was a brief summary of your service.
At first, I thouguter but I don't know.
In addition, yours was the first introduction service which I accidentially stumbbled upon when I began my search on the net. Something inside of me was telling me that I should go with A Foreign Affair in my relationship search and not consider "the others". However, I didn't want to limit my choices so I went against my intuition and spent the next several days searching the net for "the other". After all of this due diligence, I came back full circle, to A Foreign Affair. It is not often that I am impressesed as this and not often that I write like this, stating what I think about it in this much detail.
Well, I have just one concern after all of this. I have scanned your pages but have not been able to find something I am interested in, or perhaps maybe I missed it in my search. I would like to know if your service provides for publishing a personal ad, or similiar article, in newspapers in the CIS countries. Please let me know as I am interested in this as well as the other services.
Thanks again for the opportunity you are providing. I look forward to our mutual working together. Thank you so very much.
Norm Boydstun

Just a note to thank you for your tasteful and intelligent marketing and excellent service. A Foreign Affair has not made any promises to me they have not kept. I would definately take advantage of one your St. Petersburg tours before I would consider any of the others advertised. I have used different services off and on for the past 3 years, and yours has been the all-around best! I am currently corresponding with two women I met via A Foreign Affair, but neither is near enough St. Petersburg. Oksana, moved to Chicago five months ago, and will be visiting me in two weeks. Sveta, lives in Ekaterinberg, and I am especially smitten with her. Sveta and I may meet in Prague this Spring, if she cannot make it here, or I cannot go to Ekaterinberg. Both of them seem a very good match for me. Both of them speak and write passable English. I hope to determine which of them is best for both of us in the next few months, and you can take one of them off your list permanently. I never had a higher percentage of sweet and thoughtful women write back to me from any other service. You do an excellent job of managing the lists, and your Web site is the best! I think the long-distance service you promote is the best deal currently available to Russia. I wish A Foreign Affair continued success for the year ahead. Keep up the good work!

Hi guys,
I've looked at some other "personals" sites and I've decided that yours is by far the best. Just wanted to let you know. Have a great weekend.

Dear Ron,
It was a pure accident when I discovered your website. I was searching for something on Yahoo! unrelated to your business. One of the listings was a brief summary of your service.
At first, I thought it must be either some kind of "porno" stuff, or a very clever type of scam.
It took me a while to understand that this business is generally on the up & up, and for me to seriously use it. I bought a platinum membership in December of '97, and selected about twenty of your listings to write to. Almost half responded to me.
The first response was by telephone: "This is Anna, calling from Russia..."
Things progressed and she will be coming here for a visit within the next weeks. (Although she has never been in the States, she has a valid visa - not a "fiancee visa")
But to my point: Everything you put in her posting was accurate, including her English ability.
I have a fairly lofty title, but basically I am a professional salesman, so I approached the idea of finding a new life-partner as I would a business. I carefully thought about the criteria I was interested in, and used your search engine. It seems that I've found her.
When I called you last winter, you gave me some really helpful advice and I took it. I wrote a lot of letters [2 1/2 pages, typewritten, 3 photos], and have probably had 15 or more hours worth of telephone conversations.

Since I began this search, I have gone through every website that I could find, and as you know, there are more than a hundred. But almost none are of your quality. If someone were to ask me about A Foreign Affair, this is what I would tell them I found:

1) You have a wonderfully large data base of ladies, and it is very diverse. (My search criteria was 36 to 41, previously married, one or more children [any age], conversational English, plus height/weight preferences.) Your competition is too skewed towards very young women.

2) Your profile pages load quickly. Some of those of your competitors are AGONIZINGLY slow. (And some of their "search engines" are almost useless.)

3) Your willingness to give some advice on the phone was thoughtful, and you have personal experience to share.

4) Your response time to address requests is excellent. In some cases, your competitors take up to a week, and send them by mail.

5) Some sites are so amateurish, it's laughable.

6) A Foreign Affair's website is so complete - it's got anything one could want. (And I don't recall seeing any spelling errors)

7) Your pricing is fair and competitive.

8) I have confidence that the ladies you portray are real. On some sites, I really do suspect that there are "ringers".

9) The individual profile pages that you produce are absolutely the best. Excellent photography for the most part, fast loading, usually with more than one photo, and detailed information about the individual portrayed.

10) Some of the "facts" and "advice" on other sites are just simply flat-ass wrong. They just don't know what they are talking about. I had a couple of problems with the Russian and Ukrainian mail service, but they were few. (Last winter, I taught myself to read and write Russian [although my vocabulary is still childishly small], so I have addressed letters in both English and Russian. They both go through...) You are free to use this letter as a reference.

You did what you said you do, on your site and on the phone. The rest was (and is) up to me.
If you do use this letter, please use just my first name, and change the lady's name.
Best regards,
Pete P.
age 57

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A Foreign Affair

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