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A Foreign Affair Tour Testimonials!!!

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They got engaged !

Phil Got Engaged!


AFA Staff
China tour December 2017

Hey Bud:

I was able to meet Minmin at the Saturday Social and we were inseparable for the next 12-days! She is the only one I actually communicated with for two-months through the AFA site. I guess I am one of those exceptions that talked to my lady first...then met her!

I want to thank you for all your help; my China trip was very successful. Minmin is a school teacher and her specialty is teaching English to Chinese children. She already has a US visa and has actually traveled to many countries including San Francisco (she has a drivers licence and drove in San Francisco traffic if you can believe that!!) She holds a Masters Degree and is a singer with one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard; she has over 400-songs recorded on line! She is smart and has one of the most soft and innocent spirits I have ever seen in a woman; that was the very reason I went to China! And of course, has great taste in men! (Smile) We talk, text or send voice messages many times a day since my return from China. I love "Wechat!" since all calls, texts and voice mails are free!

We have set a date to get married August 7th, 2018 (my birthday). I am flying her out this month to spend just a short time with me (Dec 29th thru Jan 3rd) in Reno. I will be going back to Shenzhen in April to spend about 10-days meeting her father and step-mother and two sisters. She will return for 6-weeks in July and August next year; I do not expect she will be returning to China other than to pick her belongings and for her and I to visit once or twice a year!

Bud, I tell you all this because I thought you would be interested in another "success story" and that she and I would be willing to be interviewed on video either at your AFA office in Shenzhen when I am there or Phoenix when she is here! I remember you telling me that your China trips are AFA’s best kept secret! I know marketing is everything and I thought you could use some testimonies! Just a thought!

Building close friendships with the some of the other guys that come to the Socials was something I never expected as well. That is a great testimony in itself!

Also, I really need you help on a couple of things. Would you please "remove" mine and Minmin’s profiles from the AFA’s website; it would be appreciated. She has told me she no longer wants it up, but does not know what to do to have it taken down. I though if anyone knows what to do, you would! And yes, Careful, in your Shenzhen AFA office can call her to verify this; she knows Minmin.

Also, I would appreciate it if you would forward the name and phone number of the attorney AFA recommends so I can start the process for filing the "Fiancee visa" for my future wife.

I was there 13-days and I have to say that it was one of the most enjoyable trips I have ever experienced when traveling outside of the US.

I look forward to hearing from you. Again, thank you for all your help!


My situation was not the norm for this kind of tour. I only met with 6 ladies I had chosen and communicated with PRIOR to flying into Kiev/Kharkov. I am NOT a social party type person but if that is your type of event, then the staggering number of stunning women was beyond belief. The ultimate compliment that I can give is that I have encouraged my college age son to consider doing an AFA tour when he finishes school to find a wife!! Most of the men were unrealistic in their expectations but those of us who were reasonably level headed did just wonderful. I rarely see someone who is matched for his job as correctly as Bud! He was big brother, father, coach, cop, psychologist, storyteller, bearer of truth (25 +65 = DOES NOT HAPPEN) sheepherder, and friend all rolled into one!! Overall, it was well worth the money and effort and I am reasonably confident the 6 ladies are now down to 3 for future consideration.

David M.

This was my third tour in the past 12 months and they have been an exceptional experience. Our Kiev walking & bus tours were very rich in the countries history, informative and well thought out. I love them!!! Special appreciations to Bud for the Thanksgiving night dinner at the Georgian Restaurant, the food, service and the friendships formed (laughs) was priceless. I have a special fondness of visiting the Kharkov orphanage, a gift worth giving! A pleasant surprise on the bus trip from Kiev to Kharkov, the vehicle was exceptionally modern with well planned pit stops. The ride was very enjoyable and relaxing. Appreciate Bud’s guidance dearly and is taken to heart on the Ukraine visits.

Wishing AFA & Bud a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

David V.

I was on the recent tour to Kiev & Kharkov (11/23/17 - 12/3/17) and wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful time which was due in large part to your staff in both cities and our tour leader Bud. I wanted to thank them for their hard work and support throughout the trip. I was also very pleased with the setup of having a translator dedicated to us during the socials. It was extremely helpful. During the trip I met a couple of wonderful women and hoping that one of them will be the one that I am looking for. Time will tell but it looks like I will be going back soon (no longer then a couple of months) to spend more time with the right one. However, if for some reason it does not work out I would definitely choose to go on another one of your tours.

Bud was very helpful and supportive during the entire trip. During the breakfasts he would meet with us (go from table to table) and discuss whatever was going on and make sure we were getting everything out of our experience. I was also impressed with Anna (your affiliates manager, I believe that is her title) and how she interacted with the tour members. I also have to add that I was impressed with Alona on the bus tour of Kiev. She was extremely knowledgeable of the history.

I want to also note that Bud and Michelle were also very helpful and patient with all my questions when I was trying to decide on which trip to take and also afterward when I was preparing for the trip.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience.

David L.

I wanted to write a quick ’thank you’ note to you, Bud. I just got back from a wonderful "Euro Club" trip to Kharkov. I had spoken to you about the trip before I went; perhaps you remember. Well, I had a great time and met some very nice ladies. Bud, I want to pass along to you my impressions of the affiliate staff in Kharkov also. They were marvelous!!

Elena, the office manager, couldn’t have been more helpful to me! She quickly returned my emails, calls and text messages; answering questions "after hours" and rearranging last minute interview times when necessary- even while she was traveling to and from Kiev on business! I was very impressed! Bud, the office staff of Olga and Marina were gracious and accommodating to me as well. They picked me up at airport and showed me around the city and welcomed me to their offices.

I have also sent an email of thanks to the ladies in Kharkov office; but I know that it never hurts to let the bosses in Phoenix know they have some good ground game in Ukraine! Bud, I plan to "re enlist" in Euro Club soon and travel to Kherson next! I hope that staff there is on their game like Kharkov! I’m sure they will be!

Thanks again, Bud! Please say hello to John and Tanya Adams for me.


John P.
Amarillo, Texas

I came to Kiev to try to meet woman for long term relationship. A friend referred me with good things to say. I was somewhat skeptical but thought I would try. I also met a few women through another dating site and tinder. I will day Anna did a great job with matching me with very nice women. I am in kiev now and still cannot believe the nice women I met with your agency. It is almost like to many nice ladies as how do you choose. I was very impressed that even late like 9:00 pm I could could text Anna with question and she would be right back to me. Anna I felt did a great job, I hope you realize how good she is. Also, Laura who went with me to meet women was very nice and helpful. Overall a very good experience and well worth the money. If anyone interested in coming I would be happy to talk to them on phone and give you good reference. There is 3 very incredible women I have had second and third dates with and the main problem is how to choose. I mentioned I tried other dating sight and that was somewhat of a disaster as women only after money. I think you all screen them somewhat apparently as this did not happen with your agency, they seemed genuinely nice and interested.

Thank you very much


Benjamin & Mia Benjamin and Mia met during our March 2016 tour to China and were recently married in the United States. We would like to wish them a happy, prosperous and most of all loving life together!


AFA Staff
Hi Anna!

September 2017 Kiev/Dnepropetrovsk/Zaparozhia

Great tour. I liked the Dnipro Social better than Kiev. Joe, Anna and the rest were tremendous and very helpful. I met a lady in Dnipro, and I am currently back in Ukraine vacationing with her.

Sandip P.
Hi Anna!

I’d like to thank you for helping me organize my recent Euro Club tour to Nikolaev. It was a good experience for me; I have some possibilities as a result of the Club and we’ll see what happens. You’re a true professional that AFA is fortunate to have on its staff. Once again, thanks for everything!


Melvin T.
Mr. Adams,

Timothy & Kristina I would like to personally thank you, your staff, and most importantly your tour leader during the September Ukraine tour, Joe, for their professionalism and outstanding service during this trip. Ukraine was the first time I had ever left the United States and despite having traveled considerably around the country, Joe and your staff made this trip one of my most treasured memories.

Besides meeting numerous fantastic women that took me on some of the most romantic and incredibly thoughtful dates I have ever been on, Joe and your staff were amazing. The support, the tenacity in their work, I cannot begin to describe the relaxed yet productive atmosphere they produced for someone on a vacation for his first time in a foreign country. It was truly a blessing and an honor to explore a foreign land with you company.

I also wanted to thank Bud for his correspondence prior to my departure regarding some questions I had. From start to finish the effort on my part was minimal. Once I had my passport in hand, the rest was simple and straight forward.

Regarding the socials, they can, at first, be extremely overwhelming! Even as a self-professed Alpha Male with an abundance of confidence, I was slightly taken back during the first Social. After that, with some experience in the country, once the Dnipro social fired up, I was ready and even more excited.

At the risk of this sounding like a sales pitch, I cannot stress enough that anyone who is on the fence about AFA or the site or the tours GO. Get off your ass and GO on one of these tours. You will NOT regret it.

In closing, Again, THANK YOU. This trip was an eye opening adventure and I would be hard pressed not to do it again. I had a blast and while I am sure your other tour leaders are just as fantastic, Joe gets my vote for his incredibly relaxed and efficient demeanor. I cannot say enough about his support during this adventure.

My deepest and most sincere thanks,

Timothy C.

P.S. Kristina and I are planning on spending a week in Punta Cana this December Thanks to AFA!!!
Dear John and Bud,

A friend and I just came back from the social tour of Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson. Overall, we had a great time, met a lot of interesting people and (most importantly) some interesting and attractive women. Joe was a great point-man and made the socials and travel a lot of fun.

I really feel compelled, though, to compliment Anna, who went above and beyond to make sure that everyone had a great experience. I heard about several situations which she helped some of the other guys get through, resolving and avoiding some potential personal and maybe even legal issues for them.

For me personally, Anna was much more than a local contact and manager. She went out of her way for me on several occasions that really made the difference between an "ok" and "outstanding" experience. Just a few of the ways Anna went above and beyond: She arranged a private tour of Nikolaev with a local history museum guide. This was a great tour that addressed my specific interests in the city. Not only did she arrange it, but when the taxi driver that initially arrived was rude and difficult, Anna came to the rescue with a new car and driver, to make sure I got the most out of the experience. I met a young lady in Nikolaev that I wanted to see again when we were already in Kherson, and I had to head back to Odessa that same night. Anna took care of all of the logistics, arranging for a trustworthy car and driver to bring my young lady to Kherson for the day, then to take us both back to Nikolaev for dinner, and take me the rest of the way to Odessa so that I could catch my early morning flight back to the U.S.

Between her impressive local contacts, expertise, friendliness and seemingly endless support, Anna made this a unique experience that I truly enjoyed, and am happy to recommend to others.

Thank you!

Best, Boris K
Hey Bud,

Bernie & Inna Hope you’re doing well. I got married on 6/29/17, (see pic). As you can tell from the photos, we get along very well! She is a wonderful lady, and I am very happy. The attorney says that the Immigration Visa for Inna and her son will take about 8 to 10 months. I’m in Kharkov this week, but will be in Kiev at the Hotel Rus Saturday for my flight to the US on Sunday. Hopefully I can catch up with you guys on Saturday at the Rus!



Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye September 2017 tour

My tour included Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye. Your staff was very friendly and helpful specially Joe (tour leader) Svitlana (Kiev Office) and Helen. The location of the Socials in Kiev and Zaporizia were extraordinary the one in Dnipro was nice but it was dark inside, for me good lights inside is important for the interaction with ladies. Will definetely do it again.

Daniel E

This was everything you promised and then some. Leonard and Jane in Thailand were excellent and extremely helpful in providing me with a great experience and the perfect woman. I can’t tell you how overjoyed I am with the results.

Bob R.

Medellin August 2017

My interpreter was great. She is a large reason why my trip was succesful. It was hard to leave Medellin. I was very emotional because I felt like I was leaving friends who i May never see again. This was not like other vacations where you visit an area and then go bome. A trip to Colombia is much different. You meet new people and make new fri3nds, and you become attached to them in a way that makes it hard to leave. I can’t wait to go back again. I truly fell in love with the city and the people. Colombia is everything they say it is and more!


Medellin August 2017

I would like to pay the highest compliments to my translator Juliana. She was exceptional and she is now a good friend Without her I would not have met my new lady. She helped me throughout the process and made the tour an enjoyable and successful one for me She not only helped with your details but was exceptional at highlighting the the best of Medellin Please pass on my thanks. I employ 1800 people andcIbxan honestly say she would be one of the best customer service focussed people I have ever come across. She is a credit to your company Overall a successful tour for me.

Thank you

David H.

July Ukraine tour.

Where do I begin? I can’t even begin to tell you guys how awesome you all are and how much I love you. Bud, Anna, all the interpreters, completely amazing. I truly without any doubt had the time of my life, I’m changed forevermore. The tour was amazing, though it was physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting, only because I can even begin to explain what it’s like to have over 30 dates with over 20 women in about 3 weeks time. Lol. As Bud says, it was a good problem to have. I met some of the most wonderful people in my life, made tons of friends from all over the world, and would definitely recommend this life changing experience to anyone. With all the trials and tribulations of my experience I met someone that I hope to have a future with. She is absolutely amazing, though so many women are from the Ukraine, she is one that I will hope to marry and have a family with in the near future. It was not easy for me, many tears were shed in the process, maybe a ! few broken hearts and hard feeling here and there as well. But overall, this was the best experience of my entire life. I mean that with all my heart. Bud, is great, always there when you need him, Anna, the office Manager from Odessa, is just amazing, and both very tentative to our needs, and will go the extra mile without hesitation to resolve any matters that may arise. As is the entire crew and everyone I met, were just magnificent. Though I plan to go back and work on the relationship I now have, I would love to go along for the ride again someday, and if my situation takes an unfortunate turn south, I may do that. But as much fun as it was, let’s hope I don’t need too. Lol!

Love you guys. Thank you so very much.

Philip M.
Hello Bud,

I have been in touch with Scott and he filled me in on the very generous and kind shout outs you have been sending my way. Thank you from every fiber of my soul. The trip will live with me into eternity. Words can not describe my gratitude for the opportunity. Will you be conducting the October seminar in Miami? I live on the Fort Lauderdale area and would attend to say hello and support your program!

Take good care my friend!

David V.

The tour was excellent. The staff including Anna, Bud and all the support staff were completely fabulous and very helpful. I met some great women on the tour and I had tremendous fun. I don’t think I met "the one" but the experience was well worth the time and money and I would do it again!

Stephen H.

The tour was well organized. The socials were interesting and all they were presented to be. The staff made the trip exceptional. I stayed behind after the tour to look further into my new contacts. The Kiev and Odessa are staff helpful and courteous. AFA is the only company that lives up to its reputation as a international introduction agency. It is not enough to collect millions of dollars from lonely men. A company must be positioned to actually help. AFA does exactly that.


I was very satisfied with the organisation on arrival in Odessa, especially Anna AFA Odessa, the manager of the Odessa office was very helpful to me. Also i want to praise the skills of Bud the tour leader, he knows his tours very well. I had a good trip! I am seeing somebody now I met on the trip, hopefully it works out, if noti will come back on this site to meet new people, we will see.

Tour Client

I was on the July 2017 Kiev,Poltava and Kharkiv Ukraine tour with Bud our tour leader. An amazing experience that I will always remember!! I met and dated many wonderful and beautiful women. The comraderie among my tour mates was incredible. Everyone was positive, friendly, helpful and had a great sense of humor, advice and stories. As far as I can see, everyone was having the time of their life. Bud is a wonderful tour leader and really cared about us being happy and enjoying the tour. I’m sure it’s not an easy job. It was nice to meet him in person and listen to his advice. My favorite social in Kharkiv was absolutely unbelievable!! There were so many beautiful and nice women to meet who were very down to earth and sincere. I even won the dancing contest with a lady I met there!! I really want to thank everyone at AFA for giving me the opportunity to have such an wonderful experience!! Go on a tour!! You won’t regret it!! It will change your life!!


Santo, M.
Hello Bud, John and all the AFA Staff.

My Trip to Kiev, Poltava and Kharkov was a blast!! Wow!! All of you excided my expectations. Your Staff in all three cities is amazing. Really they are incredibly helpful. The thing that impressed me the most about your staff is that they really care about all of us guys on tour. Doing their job is one thing, but your staff goes way beyond as they are genuine people that care about each individual. I feel that I am in good hands when I tour with Bud and each city office staff. I would love to tour with Bud again. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun. The socials are an adrenalin rush for me. The Ladies are unreal, So many beautiful women that want to meet us. Also the comradery between the guys on tour is hard for me to put into words. I met some really good guys from many different walks of life and made new friendships. We were all rooting for each other, sharing stories, advice and laughing together. I was looking for that one special lady in my life to settle down with and to my surprise I had to make a tough choice in Kharkov because there was several really fantastic ladies and finally two that I really fell for. I spent the last four days of my trip with my new exclusive. Her name is Elena. WOW!! I am leaving Orlando in two days to spend another seven days with her in Kharkov. Thanks Bud!! I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to you in Kharkov as I chose to miss the group bus to Kiev and spend the rest of my trip with Elena. It was an unforgettable trip and truly amazing time. I want to personally thank Bud again and let him know that the work he does changes lives.

Warm Regards

I loved the trip for many reasons . The quality ladies, historical and tours were amazing. I was touched with the participation of the Kherson orphanage. Ukraine and this trip has touched my soul in any ways! Bud is a tremendously caring, knowledgeable, genuine person. We laughed and had great conversation form the breakfast tables, bus rides and social events. I feel truly blessed to be with such a fine individual & team. I would attend another tour in a heartbeat! Warmly

David V.

Kiev Tour 2017

Iya at your office is awesome!! She replies quickly and has answers any questions. Bud was awesome as well having to juggle about 40 men. Ana on our bus ride from Poltava is awesome too. But my favorite because she went above and beyond her duty is Natasha calling me a taxi so the mall so I could get a tie for the Social and checking to see if I made it back to the hotel safely. She also helped me get in touch with a lady I met at the Kharkov Social. Natasha also helped to interpret for me after the Poltava Social because my interpreter could not be available. What an awesome person she is!!!! I enjoyed it so much I’m thinking of going to Medellin next time. I’m trying to convince my buddy to go with me.

Joe P.

Odessa Tour 2017

Bud was the best. Funny, knowledgeable and experienced. All your staff deserve a pay rise John.! Bud and the girls in the war room of each city worked hard for all us guys on the tour and deserve everything that you can give them John.! The pick up from the airport for me at 0430 was the start of an interesting couple of weeks.! I got plenty of exercise, had lunch or dinner with some beautiful women and enjoyed my time with Bud and the girls. The interpreters at the socials were also very good. My only regret is that I did not go on one of your tours years ago.! I was interested to see that of the 20 women I picked for each social the majority only wanted to meet individually. Thanks for allowing me on your tour to Ukraine. It was a great experience for me. Don’t forget a pay rise for Bud and the girls.!! I know how much you earned last year.!! Regards Mike in Madeira.

Michael C.

You likely do not recall, but I met you and your wife last November in Bloomington. You had visited your son in college and I had recently returned from my first visit to Kiev. Yesterday I returned from my second trip. I attended the Kiev - Paltava and Kharkiv tour. Thanks to the hard work of your staff, my second trip was a huge success. It is not very often that a vacation can change your life - but this one may end up doing that. The purpose of this email is to thank your employees who contributed most to making my trip a big success Let me start by thanking Bud. What a great guy he is! He is close to perfect temperament for his job - babysitting financially successful men who are way outside their comfort zone. Bud is patient and firm. He has a combination of kindness and confidence. When Bud said something - in a country where I had no control over anything - I was confident he would make it happen. Some of the men on my trip were lost (when it comes to women). Others, less so - hopefully I am in that group. Regardless, Bud was the voice of reason and provider of not just information but insight into how to deal with the emotions that a trip like this can produce. I can’t stress enough how emotional this experience can be - and Bud was the rock to rely upon. He did a great job and hope you tell him so personally. His best piece of advice - ignore women under 25 - was the best advice I could have gotten. There are lots of gorgeous 30 year olds and Bud helped me ignore the eye candy and focus on what has the possibility of working for me Next, I wish to recognize Anastasia, my interpreter in Kiev. She is a very professional interpreter - she never makes the mistake some interpreters do of chatting with the girl or me and not sharing the information. She is also very kind and caring. I felt like she was helping me - part of the team. She was the voice of reason when it was easy for me to act like a kid in a candy store. She gave me valuable perspective that let me focus on being calm, having fun and not over analyzing dates. On my last date, we had the taxi driver from hell who came close to killing us driving from Dream Town to Buddha Bar. We got out of the taxi with no external injuries but she was quite shaken - she says to me "Scott, I love you, but please never ask me to sit in the front seats with these crazy taxi drivers!" I gave her a hug and smile J A great friend who deserves an encouraging word from you! A note to Bud, Buddha Bar was one of my cheaper meals as my date did not order anything expensive Last, I wish to thank Anna my other interpreter She was very supportive as I met a much younger women who I fell in love with. I thought from the first date it was magic and Anna was very kind and supportive. She said that Alena and I were her favorite couple. Little things like this make a huge difference when trying to make the best choice off of very limited time together. Well, I will be moving to Scottsdale in September. I am in internet marketing - if you want free ideas on how you can grow your business - you are invited to join Bud and I when I buy him a drink. Lead Gen, SEO, and affiliate marketing might be ways you want to consider getting men off their sofas and into the dream vacation of their lives.


PS - One last comment - I am sure you use several measures to determine the success of each trip. Obviously, monetary success is important. One indicator you might use is how many men left the tour early. In my case I left the tour early. This was not due to problems with the tour - no. It was due to the tour meeting my goal. I wanted to meet 3 women I would be honored to marry. Once I did this, I wanted to focus on my number 2 goal - pick my top two choices and spend more time with them. I would recommend this tour to any man wishing a beautiful and younger wife than he can meet in the US.
Dear AFA,

My name is Adriana. I’m from Lima Peru. I used to work at a computer accessories selling department. I meet my husband at one of the "love me" offices in Lima in 2009. Sara and her team work helped me a lot finding the right guy for me. Because of my working schedule I couldn’t keep up going to every single dinner meeting with guys who came around. But even that I didn’t want to give up trying to find a good guy for me. I gave Sara all my personal information and I also told her what my expectations for a guy were. One day while my actual husband was in Lima for two weeks (July 2009) Sara emailed me his and other guys information and invited me for dinner meeting. Unfortunately because of my job I missed that social. Few days later, Sara called me telling me that there was a guy named Samir interested in meeting me. So I arranged to get together but I had to request a translator as I spoke basic English. So when the day came I was ready to know all about this new guy Samir. Elizabeth (the translator) was amazing as she could explain all the topics that we were talking about to get to know each other a little more. I got together couple of times. Then Samir had to go back to US so we decided that we will keep in touch and get together again (based on our work schedule) in Lima or other countries in South and central America as I didn’t have an American visa at that moment. So we went to: Colombia (Bogotá, Medellín and Cartagena) and Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo). One day Samir and I talked about our future as a couple. We made the important decision to stay together forever. We formalized our relationship and start making arrangements for me to get an American fiancé visa. So I made the most important decision of my life. Drop my family, friends and job and move to Orlando Florida June 2010. Few months later we got married on December 18th, 2010 and since then we are so happy and pleased with your company. We lived in Orlando for 6 years and in September last year 2016 we decided to move to Medellín Colombia.



I am engaged to a woman I met through AFA. her arrival is tentatively September 2nd. If you would like my input I would be happy to give it to you. Thank-you for helping me find my true soul mate.


Jim M.

2017 June Peru Tour

I did the dual tour to San Jose Costa Rica and Lima Peru. Both staffs were great to work with for me. The only thing I wish was that I had more time to spend in both places. I guess that mean I will have to go back and see which lady I will move forward with in a relationship. Thanks AFA

Michael D.
Hi John,

I have to tell you I had a great time in Ukraine!!!!!

Thanks to you and your staff. I fell in love with Kharkov. I am talking with two girls one is the Cardiologist from from Kharkov and the other is the ENT Doctor from Kiev. I can not say enough good things about two of your staff Anna and Elena from Kharkov. They are both amazing people that love what they do bringing professionalism to there business. I only had one date using the transl ator Lori Anna’s sister but she was amazing also. John it is crazy that I was in the hospital 9 days before I jumped on the plan for this tour. But I know that was one of the best decisions of my life. Even if non of these girls work out this trip was a transformative moment in my life. Thanks again John for working so hard creating an organization to make this dream come true.

Your Friend


April 2017 Ukraine tour to Odessa, Kherson, and Nikalive

It was a magical moment when Anna and I met. She was siting at the head of the first table at the social. I went right up to her and told her we were going out after the social. She said yes, like we had known each other all our lives. After I got done going around all the tables I came back and there she was, waiting. We spent that night at the bowling alley and all the next day together like teenagers. We talked about everything and each of our lives, like old friends catching up. Everything lined up, including the three children we were going to haveha ha ha. She said the it would take her some time. She could not say how long or why. I didn’t think it prudent to ask. She has had three marriage proposals and been to the Alabama, California and Arizona. That girl is going to have thousands of marriage proposals! I would definitely get on the next plane and marry her if she calls! My friends that know me as a professional soldier and accomplished business man are horrified that I would consider marriage and having children again! When I tell my friends that I have been searching for "The Fifth Element" all my life over all the continents save for Antartica, they tell me that I am crazy and that it’s just a movie with Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich, (Milla happens to be from the Ukraine), a rare case of Art imitating life. Anna happens to be the Fifth Element for me.

On another note, I was curious, after being born in Cuba, going through the Missile Crisis, The Bay of Pigs and spending 2 years on a A Team in the 10th Special Forces Group in Germany and three years in the Berlin Brigade, West Berlin, during the cold war to know if the Cold War was worth all the sacrifice. Mine and that of my brothers. I walked away from the your AFA Tour thinking that it was worth all the blood, treasure, tears and lives lost. Freedom is a phenomenal divine gift. People don’t always know what to do with their freedom but I personally love to see the human spirit flourish! ha ha ha

Thank you and Please thank the whole AFA staff for a wonderful tour.

Hello John,

I hope that all is well and that you and everyone on our tour has arrived home safely. I really want to thank you, Ken, Joe, and Anna for a memorable experience. Bud did warn me when he said "you have no idea what’s about to hit you" so I imagined that it would be a very good experience. Damn I under estimated what he said :o) but I’m good with that ;o) I truly enjoyed the socials and for me the one in Kherson was off the charts. The club location was perfect. Don’t get me wrong the ones in Odessa and Nikolaev where just as fun, maybe I just had more Champagne in Kherson. Anyway, once again thank you and the team for a life changing event.

Henry M
AFA Staff,

The experience was very good. I met John at the Dallas,Tx seminar in Jan 2017 and we met again in the Ukraine! My hats off for what AFA tries to do, I believe all staff at AFA are genuine in there desire to help guys find that special woman a and for that I say ’THANK YOU"! Anna and Joe are great, I say a special " Thank You" to them!!!! John, "THANK YOU"!

Ed C.
Hi John,

Following up from our conversation on Friday. This was my third Euro Club trip to Kiev in a 10 months time frame, and I am so happy to report that this trip was delightful. This trip for me was everything I have always expected or wanted out of Euro Club.

Elena, who helped me did an absolutely amazing job. She paid great attention to the type of ladies I wanted to meet and delivered exactly that.

The quality of introductions was outstanding and even the quantity i might add was great. Elena could have given me 2 or 3 or even 4 more introductions but i was busy doing my second , third and fourth dates with the girls i had met before especially since my time in Kiev was running short. I had a higher total number of introductions compared to each of my first two trips.

The biggest and most important difference on this trip for me was the fact that the ladies were not only beautiful and met my criteria 9especially height and english proficiency etc ) but were there to meet me for the right reasons. Not just to have an expensive meal or any other reason but to meet me and explore a chance for a relationship. It appears to me that Elena did such an excellent job at giving the girls a back story about me. She also gave me a back story about the girls before we met and this made for very nice conversations once we met. The introductions i received on this Euro Club trip give me a real chance at a relationship. Iam continuing solid communications with a few girls from this trip and even though nothing is ever guaranteed, for the first time since i started doing Euro Club, i feel pretty good about the prospects of a real relationship. I will be back in Kiev in a month or so to continue building on this work that i started.

The biggest take aways for me from this trip and i really hope future participants could experience what i experienced;

1) The right introducer, in my case Elena, made all the difference.
2) Getting introduced to the right types of girls is key.
3) As much as possible (for the first meeting) have all or most of the initial meetings at the office and then proceed to a cafe nearby. Dont meet at a restaurant or hotel lobby. There are so many nice cafes around the office. I would suggest keeping the first meeting to no more than one hour.

In conclusion, thank you for the programs and everything your are doing at AFA.

Thanks Bud,

You gave an excellent seminar! Nice Meeting you! The information you personally gave to me concerning Fiance Visa vs Getting married in Costa Rica was very much appreciated. Your team is to be congratulated. I think you are doing a wonderful job connecting men to the love’s of their life. I believe your service is really making a lot of men happy for the rest of their lives. Like I told you at the seminar (New Orleans), my life has been changed 100%. Gustavo, although he did not make the introduction to me and Andrea, made me realize when I visited him in Costa Rica that foreign introductions are the real deal. He was so personal and the introductions he made for me gave me hope for this whole industry was great and provide a much needed service for men like me that thought love was over the hill at my age. Gustavo was the one man who proved to me that I had made the right choice---to date a foreign girl. I will keep you posted on Andrea’s and my marriage which is surely set to happen as soon as I retire and Go to Costa Rica. Your information about needing about 90 days in country after going to the Embassy there set my fate. Thank You so much for the information!

Your Friend


I had a great time on this trip, I was a little nervous since it was my first tour. But all that was put to rest once I met Bud and the girls from the office in Kiev. Bud was an excellent tour leader and guide, showing us really great locations for dates, giving advice, or anything he could to make our trip easier and more enjoyable. All the girls in the office were extremely helpful and made sure that we got dates and that they went smoothly. I am looking forward to returning to Kiev in the summer if possible for a singles tour.

Thank you for an unforgettable experience!

Keith P.

Bud was the very best tour leader anyone could have. I’m extremely serious about this man He was very good and he cared about everyone who was there. He made sure that we all knew what was going to be every day. All in all When Bud arrived on the scene I was happppppppy to see someone smiling and informative about my next couple of weeks This guy was great and I not gay or any thing like that,,,, I love women I just want this Company to know how great this guy is as a tour leader Thanks Bud for making me feel secure in this wild adventure.

Larry E.

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your GREAT service! I used your service for delivery for a couple of women in different cities within the Ukraine. The flowers were fresh and the candies were well packaged both which helped enhanced the women that I sent them to have a great experience.

Thanks again,

Ken H.
Hello Ms. Anna

I really liked Medellin it is beautiful and a charming city. in my opinion my individual tour was a success I had the opportunity to meet not 1 but 4 ladies The Medellin staff are really helpful and supportive and I have no complaints what so ever!!!! so far among these ladies Milena have showed to me the highest level of interest and compatibilityhowever the lady that I like Natalia doesn’t demonstrate any interest. since before my trip I have read Renee’s book "Get Real about Love" I will say that Milena is the lady that I will focus on. I am already planning my next trip to Medellin in October because I would like to celebrate her birthday with her. Guys thank you very much for everything!

John/AFA Staff

This was my first trip with AFA and it was a great trip. I had many dates with nice ladys and still talking to two ladys from home now. The Chinese girls of the AFA office where the best at everything from meeting me at airport to seeing to all my needs at the hotel. A business is only as good as its people and the AFA girls in Shenzhen is a gold star of AFA. My trip with AFA was the best trip I have ever had and this is saying a lot because two days after I was in Shenzhen My father passed away I felt so bad because I was not at home helping my family in this hard time. The guys that came to Shenzhen all got together to help me feel better about my loss. I made many life long friends there and that in its self was worth the trip. Me and 4 new friends I made on the Shenzhen trip are already planning a 2nd trip together to the Ukraine sometime in 2017. Thanks to the AFA and there hard working girls of the Shenzhen Office for a great trip.

Dennis Y.

Thank you for all of your help during the tour, I am actually going back for new years to meet a woman that I met through your service. I hope your meeting in Seattle went well.

Jason H.

Bud made the trip!! He has such a caring attitude toward everything he Does. He is genuinely concerned with helping everybody on the trip.

Josh W
AFA Team:

I wanted to thank John Adams, Ken Agee and the ladies Lorena and Jenny in the Medellin AFA office. Everyone did a tremendous job! When I first started planning my trip I was a little concerned about whether there would be enough women to meet at the AFA Socials hosted on Friday and Saturday nights. I am happy to say that not only were there enough women in attendance, but they were all beautiful and very approachable! Because of this, it was a real treat and a challenge at the same time to make sure that I met as many women as possible during the Socials, and that I was able to ask out several of the women on dates. Of course I kept my designated translator and another translator very busy during my stay in Medellin, which was well worth the investment!

I stayed in Medellin for additional days after the tour was completed, and I was so pleased with how helpful the local AFA office was - even though they clearly had already "done their jobs"! The personnel were incredibly patient and helpful with me regarding my needs – including reviewing my list of potential AFA women to date while keeping in mind the characteristics and qualities I was looking for in a potential mate. They even helped me with initial planning for a possible return trip to Medellin by helping me to locate potential apartments and hotels. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the lovely staff and their assistance.

I would highly encourage anyone thinking of going to Medellin for either an AFA tour or their Latin Club to go. I am certain that you will also walk away incredibly satisfied!

Joe D.
Dear John

and others at AFA. I think the last time I spoke with someone I spoke to Bud Patterson the Vice President or something of AFA? Anyways he said to keep in touch on our progess. Just wanted to let you guys know that Shiela Grace Uy (profile # 135134) and I were married on her Birthday September 19th, 2015 in Twin Falls, ID at Beautiful Gate Baptist Church. I can send you a picture of us at the wedding if you like for your advertising.



many thanks i did meet a very nice gal in poltova - your tours are great by the way. I’m a very happy customer and have told many people about it over the years


I have never enjoyed a better experience than my tour to Barranquilla , Colombia the staff went far and above with anything I needed and were always available for any needs , the city of Barranquilla is very interesting and the women I met are so beautiful and friendly , I also enjoyed the social I attended very much and the beautiful ladies I met at the social were very easy to associate with and meet, I would advise any guy looking for an experience of a life time to sign up and take a tour with A Foreign Affair once again I can not thank you enough for the great experience I enjoyed on the tour and look to go on another tour in the future.

Danehy C.
Arcadia , N C USA

I wanted to thank you for what you do. I went on your Cartagena tour last year and even though I did not find that special someone I had such a fantastic time I decided to give it another chance and go to Medellin. I could not be happier that I did. I did not think it could have been possible that Medellin could have been better then Cartagena and was blown away. Your staff Lorena and her team was fantastic. My translator Soraya was amazing. The only criticism that I have, is that at the social there were too many women and not enough time to meet them all. The city and the country was unbelievable and the women very approachable and friendly. The location was excellent, Even though I chose to visit some of the neighboring cities and towns everything we needed was within walking distance from the hotel . Although your company solved one problem in my life you ended up giving me another. I did not meet one fantastic woman I met two. I am currently trying to decide which one I want to see again and am making plans to go back in December. Something tells me you may have another picture on your wall of success stories in the near future. As a typical New Yorker it takes a lot to humble me. Your trip to the orphanage did just that. It was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had and something I will remember forever. I was so touched by the situation that I went back after the tour was over to have a private conversion with " Mama Lou" and found her to be a true angel on earth. Any woman that can care for 164 kids the way she does and the love that those kids showed us when we were there proved to me that this is an organization worth supporting and I commend your research on finding them . So John, Keep up the great job. I cannot give enough credit to you and your organization for what you do. If things work out I will be sure to send you an invitation to the wedding.


Jim B.
Dear Anna,

I would like to thank you for the service that Gustavo, Yami and Leydys have provided while in Costa Rica and Colombia. I have met 4 ladies in total (1 in costa rica, 1 in cartagena and 2 in barranquilla). All were wonderful. The one I think I connected was the one in costa rica but I feel she would find difficult moving to a colder climate I am going to keep in contact with all of them as friends. You cannot imagine how difficult is to find the right person for me

But I will find her !!!

Hi John,

I just wanted to say I was on one of the recent tours Went to 3 socials. There was a good mix of ladies of all ages. I had no problem getting dates and just wish the trip was longer. I met 4-5 wonderful girls and plan on returning on my own again to follow up where I left off. I felt safe in Ukraine, despite what the media reports. The dollar goes far with their decline in their currency, so dating costs even less now. In my experience, the AFA staff over there made sure I had something to do each day, and had recommendations on where to go, eat, etc. Nothing comes close to women of this caliber in the USA. I find that women in their late 20s, early 30s are a good match for me. I’m in my early 40s.

Ken C.
Hi John,

It was amazing. I was able to attend three great socials in different cities where the ratio of guys to girls was over 10 to 1! Also, there were helpful translators readily on hand to help if you needed them. But here was the real benefit. If you found a connection with any lady, you were free to exchange contact information including emails, phone numbers or Skype! At the end of the tours had 9 contacts in my pocket. When I returned home I was able to write to them for free using my personal email. As of today, I feel very strongly about 4 of them. We write every day and I am able to Skype with 2 of them. So, here is my problem. Which of these ladies will I offer a fiance visa to? At the moment, I am happily confused. What I have learned is this. Stop depending on letters to find that special someone. I admit that I did this early on. Nothing will happen until you get on a plane and meet her, whether it is Eastern Europe, Latin America or Asia.

Stop writing letters, save your money, do your research of these companies and go! I wish you the best.

Bob W.
Hi Jim,

I wanted to thank you for everything that you did for me while I was in Cebu. When I was in the office that day and I told you that Rachel’s ring was just a promise ring but after spending all that time with Rachel and talking, texting and sending pictures I changed it to an engagement ring now. So I hired the Maria Jones law firm back here in the US. After talking with them about how good of job the you did there. They explain that you would help Rachel out with her documents that she needs and be able to send them back here to the law firm. So, Jim once again thank you for all of the patience that you have and making it a very wonderful experience for me and making it possible for me to meet Rachel.


Tegan F.
Monica, Lorena and John,

I want to let you know Juliana was assigned as my translator on the Medellin Tour and she was so much more than that. I recommend you hire her/use her any time you can. She’s very intelligent and resourceful as a general guide for anything in Medellin in addition to the translator role. She’s familiar with every level of society of Medellin, and is very non-judgmental of people, but rather focused on helping me accomplish my goal of dating a number of women. But when I asked her opinion of various women, her views were incisive and on point. She was so persistent in contacting women for me to set up dates that it made my tour. And she’s always 100% professional. And most importantly, she reached Alejandra for me to see if she would come on the City tour. She said yes. And well, we are in love now. Time will tell but this could be serious! And all due to Juliana.

Best regards,

Eric S.
Greetings Sir,

I had the pleasure of being a member of the July Ukraine tour group lead by Bud Patterson. It was a very positive experience for me and the efforts of Bud Patterson was a good bit of the reason why. He was positive, decisive in solving problems, willing to change the plan when required, and maintained the plan when it was the right thing to do. The reason why individuals sign up for the tour are various, and Bud bend over backwards to see that each members’ goals were achieved. I will say that the social in Odessa was far superior than I expected, but it was only through the social in Nikolaev that I found the one I was looking for. I personally never made it out of Nikolaev and I look forward to the promising continued relationship with Natiliya who I met there. Since I have been back in the states, Bud has continued to be a source of valuable information in navigating international dating. I heard about your tour by word of mouth from a friend in Atlanta, and trust me, my long term single friends will be hearing a very positive story from me in Mississippi.

Very Respectfully,

Mark B.

Bud was amazing and took great care of our group. I felt that he had all of our best interests in mind and did all he could to give us the best experience possible. The info provided to us before the tour was very helpful in both the video and pre-tour conference call. The day one meeting with Bud in the war room was also very helpful.

Jim R.

I feel strongly that I must give you what I define as an exit-interview! I just hope this comment section allows me enough room to voice my opinion! First, I want to THANK YOU for creating such an amazing company, giving men an opportunity to change their lives with a quality woman from another country. I had a good feeling about AFA but I honestly DID NOT expect to have the most amazing time in my life, keeping in mind that I have traveled all over the world prior to going on this tour with AFA. I want YOU to understand that the #1 reason that this tour was successful is BUD PATTERSON.PERIOD!!!! John, I am not sure how much you know about me so allow me to tell you that I have a blessed entrepreneur career, hiring over 10,000 employees, building companies to over $100 million dollars multiple times and understanding senior management in a well run professional company and I have not seen to many people have the kind of organizational nor people skills as Mr. Bud Patterson!!! His ability to handle stressful situations and there were a bunch, to handle different personalities and there were a bunch and to handle the entire tours success really impressed the hell out of me. I understand human behavior as well as anyone and I have to tell you with as much conviction as I can that Bud Patterson is the MAIN reason why I will become a great Ambassador for AFA trying to recruit as many men as I can to enjoy this amazing experience. You see, I have defined AFA as the "Fountain of Youth" and have described your tour as not being planet earth!!!

Once again John, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for giving me this opportunity to tour with your company and I can’t wait to do it again :))

Respectfully yours,

Allie M.

Well, most of my friends are married, but I will not hesitate to recommend to someone single and looking for a future wife, to take this tour. If I find someone, I will let you know.

Ben F.

I approached the tour with some trepidation, not sure what to expect given the media coverage of the current problems in Ukraine. The actual experience exceeded my most optimistic expectations. The AFA staff I met were excellent - especially Bud Patterson and Anna V.- and I have every intention of returning to Ukraine in the very near future. An unexpected bonus is good friendships which arose between us guys on the tour. I am sure that there are several with whom I will remain in contact for the long term.

Ian B

I had a great trip and learned a lot about how the foreign dating process works. I am defiantly coming back for another tour. Bud is a great tour guide who always had time to talk and explain any questions I asked.

Kolby K.

This was the best tour that I have been on. 6 cities and all exceeded my expectations. Bud did an outstanding job on keeping things organized and moving. The visit with the physically disabled children in Sumy was very moving. Great group of guys and of course so many beautiful women! If I do not marry the woman that I met in Kherson during this trip, I will definitely be doing another tour.

David P.

In the end, I found a woman. She is brilliant, calm, has a great personality, friendly and quickly liked by all the other men, extremely interesting and well travelled, and we talk endlessly for hours about all subjects. From Kharkiv, she came down to Odessa to see me. We fit together. We are not on the fast track toward a crazy marriage but the last two days have been the perfect beginning for a solid future.


I would like to extend my heart-felt thanks to all of the individuals involved in creating this amazing experience. With so much to be done for an endeavor such as this you all handled it exceedingly well, exhibiting great professionalism and patience. Special thanks to Svetlana, Bud, Tanya, and Anna for a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable experience! May you continue providing international introductions into the distant future!

Patrick M.

I love ukraine I had the best time of my life . All the staff member did an exceptional job and I will be coming back . This is truly a life changing social that change my life for the better. I thank everyone who help me find my dream ukraine bride. I so happy I made decision to come to ukraine. I feel all the afa member as my new family I love everyone for everything they done. Thank you so much.

Tony E.

Please call me after August 3 because I’m still on vacation in Europe. The tour was great! Bud was a really good tour leader and friend to us all. Thank you!

Mark V.
Hey Bud & John,

I can’t believe I’m saying this after only one tour in the Ukraine, but I think I found the perfect girl for me. She was someone I met in Poltava and I’m going back in 2 weeks to spend more time with her. I already spent 4 wonderful days with her in April, and now I will spend an additional 10 days this trip. We have been communicating everyday by text, phone and Skype since I returned home in April, and I just have to say, she’s everything I’m looking for and more.

If this trip goes as I expect it will, I will file for the fiance visa. Wow!, I can’t believe I’m actually saying this. I thought for sure I would be like Joe (haha) and do about 10 of the tours before settling down with one girl, but I really think I found something special already.

I’m writing you both to find out if you offer additional services for completing the visa application and following the necessary steps to complete the process of getting her to the United States. I have the visa package that your office sent me, but I’m leery about completing any paperwork without consulting an attorney. I’m hoping your office can help me with this process. I look forward to hearing back from you, and I thank you again for providing a service that has given me a new hope and happiness that thats been missing in my life. I’m very excited about the coming months and I hope we will stay in touch as I complete this journey.


Scott M.
Dear AFA Phoenix and Cebu,

Robert & Marlyn Marlyn and I appreciate all you have accomplished over the past twenty years of ’Making Dreams Come True.’ Most importantly.you made our dreams come true.

Jim we discussed writing our book about our story before we left Cebuwell we did write the book. "Finding My Rainbow" is being edited and should be on Amazon.com as a kindle soon. We will keep you informed.

Thanks for doing what you all do,

Robert and Marlyn
Dear John and Tanya,

Thank you both so much for witnessing and participating our wedding ceremony. Marlyn and her family in Cebu were honored that you walked her down the isle and represented them. Thanks again John. Your card and the thoughts expressed therein was much appreciated. We are looking forward to a excellent dinner at Fleming’s.

We caught the BLOG and thanks. Had AFA never been founded; Marlyn and I may have found each other Scary thought You are correct, it took our efforts to make our relationship happen. However, AFA and all the AFA employee’s in every AFA Office provided the venue and opportunity for people looking for true love to find it through a actual physical meeting. If you have no hands to hold, and no eyes to look into then it is all fantasy! In my defense I only wrote letters after I hand a plane ticket in my hands. But despite the daily hassle’s and the international dating business has it’s grind of sorting peoples emotions and ego’s, misunderstanding, and sometimes outright ignorance of each others cultures and customs. But in the end what you and all the AFA staff do is really an awesome thing! Making dreams come true is not easy but it is worth it.

We were happy to share our special moment with our/my friendsMarlyn has many, many more friends than I have, but alasthey could not attend. They would have filled the church had they all been able to attend to do so.

Thanks for being there for us. If ever John and Tanya Adams, or AFA need anything from us just call or email us anytime. When the book titled: "Finding My Rainbow" our true love story (which is currently being edited) is available we will send you a copymaybe even put it on your website??

All the best and our sincerest thanks.

Robert and Marlyn
Dear John, Tanya and Liz,

wanted to drop you a note about my recent trip to Sevastopol, Russia.

The short answer, it was great! The agency provided excellent support from Karina (translator) and Inna (local history expert and tour guide). It was like being with long time friends. At no point did I feel a need for anything which I could not get. I would say 5 stars! I had a chance to see some of the many sights of historical note. I stayed at the Best Western Hotel in the City Center and highly recommend it.

The meeting with the lady went very well and I am encouraged so much I am planning another visit likely in sometime July or August.

I would go so far as to suggest you start your tours again to Crimea, but please wait for another 6 months so I can have this wonderful location to myself! Of course no credit cards accepted, but that is a minor issue considering the warmth of the people.



I am one of the custormers for the recent AFA tour to Kiev, Poltava, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, and Zaparozhye.

This letter is to express great appreciation for the work that Joe Gregory and Anna have both done on this tour. Joe and Anna did everything that was necessary to make the tour a wonderful experience.

Each Social event was coordinated so that the local women who attended had enjoyable experiences. Each of the American visitors on the tour had multiple opportunities to meet very attractive and enthusiastic potential life partners at each Social event. It was very apparent that Joe and Anna were doing their best to help each man to fulfill his dream at the Social events and at the personal introductions on the following days.

The great majority of tour members talked openly about how enjoyable and opportunity-filled their tour experiences were becoming. The majority of tour members openly talked about how appreciative they were of the efforts that Joe and Anna were making on their behalf.

Several of the other tour members told me about how this tour was a life changing experience.

I personally met several Ukranian women with whom I would be delighted to explore a long term relationship, if they were to decide that I was appropriate for them. In one particular case, Anna Vasilenko spent several hours with myself and a lady in whom I was very interested, to ensure a comprehensive and accurate exchange of information occured. Anna ensured that numerous difficult subjects were addressed in this conversation. Anna also helped this lady from Dnepropetrovsk to come to Odessa to spend more time with me, after the formal tour was complete. Anna coordinated with the manager of your AFA office in Odessa to arrange this trip.

At times when the local office in Ukraine was not as active as desired to help schedule dates with local ladies that tour members wished to meet, Joe and Anna stepped in to either encourage more responsiveness or to make calls directly on behalf of the American visitors.

At the end of the formal tour, I travelled to Odessa to use the service of the AFA office in Odessa to meet two ladies who live there. One lady from Odessa had recently corresponded with me during the last two months, while another lady from Odessa had met me last November and wished to meet me again. I also invited one of the ladies who I met on the tour in Dnepropetrovsk to join me in Odessa for several days. Your office manager in Odessa, Svetlana, was a wonderful hostess, coordinator, and translator, for each of these meetings. Svetlana personally contacted the lady from Dnepropetrovsk and made all the arrangements so that she could come to Odessa and stay with me for several days to explore the possibility of a deeper relationship.

Thank you to your organization and colleagues for another wonderful experience. I hope this letter is helpful.


Dave M
Hi Anna, and John.

Just returned from Cancun after spending a week with Marianna. Better than I anticipated!!! She is the best of any woman, I’ve ever met! What a personality, very caring, affectionate, intelligent, genuine, and made me feel like a "King"! We’re doing the paperwork to apply for a K1- Fiancée Visa. I plan on going back to Kiev to see her within the next 2 months. I’ve never felt better or been more positive about anyone as much as I am about her! Would’ve never happened with out you guys!!!! Thank you so much for presenting me with the opportunity to meet this wonderful woman!!!

Will let you know when we set the date!!


PS: You can take me off the "available list", and close me out as "engaged".

Joe was an excellent tour leader. There was no way to have a bad time with this guy. I came here to meet a girl, which I did, but I also made some good guy friends.

David M.

I just wanted to thank you for all your help in finding someone I met someone thru your office on the 6th day that I arrived we fell in love and are now making plan for me to move to Costa Rica we are in arrange to be married we both wish to thank your company and your staff for making this possible.


John M.
Hello John Adams,

This is John (Amarillo, Tx) I’ve met you and been on previous AFA tours. I am aboard the Dnep/Zap tour and wanted to write a quick note to the boss! John, I want to tell you how great the tour has been; in no small part due to the hard work and dedication of Anna Vasilenko and Joe Gregory! Both are credits to your company!

The tour is of course winding down and soon I will return to Texas with fond memories and (hopefully) a delightful lady to revisit here in summer. But while it’s fresh on my mind I wanted to say a big "thanks" to AFA and in particular Joe and Anna for their great service. They are attentive to each clients requests and sincerely care about our happiness. Plus they are fun to be around! You have two ’keepers’ in these two employees, John. I thought you’d like to know.

Please give my best to Tanya (my friend from translation calls days) and I hope our paths all cross again someday!


John P.
Amarillo, Texas USA
Hi Bud,

Joe & Christine & I Joe & Christine & I Hope all is well. I remember driving to Phoenix from L.A. for your seminar in early 2013. All the way thinking is this company for real. I signed up for my Lima Peru trip at that time, I met a few girls 2 of whom I got to know a little better, but unfortunately no chemistry for me, though they were nice girls. I didn’t tell you this but I was actually going on another tour to Colombia in August of 2014 with another company, I had paid and everything. The company cancelled all their tours to Colombia for I don’t know what reason, I think it was pretty shady though. So I took my money and scheduled my tour to Davao Philippines with AFA, I am so happy I did. I attended the October, 2014 Davao tour, beautiful hotel and even more beautiful the people. I went to the first social and it went well, very overwhelming with so many beautiful and friendly girls, On the second social as we drove up to the restaurant, a beautiful girl greeted me and gave me a lei as I exited the van, her name was Cristine, she took my hand and walked me upstairs to the dance floor while all the guys came up one by one with their assigned hostess. After our dinner before we were to make our rounds to the table I asked Cristine to go on the first excursion with me and she shot me down as she had to work. Unbeknownst to me my buddy Judith that was assigned to me by Helen spoke with CristineI. Cristine decided to miss work and go out with me after all. There is so much to tell you Bud, but long story short Cristine and I got engaged 3 days later. I went to visit her in again for two weeks during the Valentine Day Holiday. I never though I would marry again. Anyway I will one day take a drive up there in Phoenix when Cristine gets here and introduce her to you and the staff at AFA. I know these pictures are over due, but here they are. Get this Bud, she never really liked foreigners, she signed up as a favor for a friend 3 months prior, and this was her first social.

My trip here in the Ukraine is winding down and I wanted to take a moment to extend my sincerest appreciation to the entire AFA staff and its affiliates. A special thanks to both Joe and Anna. They were terrific and it was a pleasure getting to know them both.

The AFA tour has truly been a life changing event for me. It far surpassed anything I had imagined it could be. I’m a guy that believes he has a lot to offer, but like so many men, I lack the confidence or perhaps the persistence it takes to meet the very best women America has to offer. This certainly was not the case in the Ukraine. I was absolutely amazed by the number of beautiful and quality women that attended your AFA socials. I found almost everyone to be friendly, approachable and genuinely interested in getting to know me. This experience built a confidence in me that has never appeared in my 43 years. I cannot thank you enough. It all started with you, and your responsiveness to all my initial questions and concerns. I made the leap based on my conversations with you. Best decision I ever made.

I’ve been on many dates the past two weeks and have narrowed my search down to three very beautiful and quality ladies with whom I will continue to communicate with upon arriving back in the states. I will undoubtedly return to the Ukraine soon to further develop these relationships or perhaps begin some new ones. In the end, I want to find that one special lady that I can call my wife.

I can’t imagine ever wanting to go back to the traditional forms of dating I’ve grown accustomed to before finding AFA. I’m confident now that the woman of my dreams lives in the Ukraine and I will be reaching out to your office soon to discuss my next trip and how I can utilize your services again. It’s truly been a pleasure dealing with a class organization.


Scott M.

Joe & Edralin Wanted to drop you a line to let you know I was married yesterday to Edralin from Davao. I met her on an AFA tour in 2012. Thanks to you and Helen.

Best Regards

Dear Iya,

While I am informing your office as to my decision not to participate in the Euro tour(mostly because I am fairly busy dating girls already met in the socials). I need to thank the A.F.A staff specially John for putting to gether such an outstanding program. The staff are supportive and cordial, the socials are entertaining,very well organized and girls are exeptional. and last but not least, the ladies by far outnumber the gentlemen guests. of cource because of good reasons for all your proffesionalism. The socials are unimaginable, very well organized and I have no doubt you all will continue the good work.

Warm Regards,

Experiencing Davao culture has been a highlight of my life. The overall warmth and generosity of the Philippine people touched my heart and confirmed my view that your people are among the loveliest in all the world.

There are not sufficient words to support my feeling that Helen and her staff are one of the great teams in all of Davao, the Philippines and the world. The kindness, dedication and love shown amongst the staff models family. I am honored to have made such wonderful new friends. My heart has been forever touched.

Mark P.
I have never in my life experienced such a loving place. Davao is full of purity, love, joy, respect and the happiest place on Earth. This place is surreal and life changing at the same time. Helen is a Godsend and every single person I have met in Davao have been incredible. I have adopted the city in my heart and Davao will always own a big piece of my heart.

To God be the Glory

Thank you,

Harvey Ex

It’s everything you would expect and more. Usually the guys who had a problem was the ones who were unrealistic about what women they felt they would be able to attract. These women aren’t hard up to leave and most could care less what you have. They asked me about my life experience and how I treated women, not what car did I drive. Women in the Ukraine are like no other women in the world. I know because I have looked everywhere for the right woman. I decided I would never settle for the best of the worst.And no to your question. I can find a woman here and could have been married. I have been proposed to by women here twice. The women are well educated, take pride in their appearance, intelligent, hard working, committed, and only want every other woman wants, the right partner they can commit to and be treated like a woman should be. Lots of TLC. They are all unique and beautiful. I went in December and I am going back after Easter to try and figure out which one will be my best fit. They have no idea I can make their life here like royalty. I can give them whatever they want and they would never have to work. They have one thing on their minds, being the best they can for me and taking good care of me. As far as the cost, nothing good is free. I wasted more money here trying to find one, only to find women worried only about how I could make their crappy life’s better. Not one I would let even mow my lawn, much less marry and end up with half of what I worked my butt off to achieve. My advice is to get one before they are all gone.

Kyle B.
Hi Bud

the social was great,we met a lot of nice girls,gustovo was a wonderful hostand interacted perfectly.the girls were all nice professional ladys,,,I would like to suggest maybe in future there can be a little more participation by the attendees,like introducetion tell about them selfes to the ladys on stage,a little more activeity like some games to play with the girls,jim from Cebu really has a fantactic program going on there,,maybe we can do something like that in costa rica,,but all and all I enjoyed the tour greatly,and was very pleased to have attended for the second time and I plan on going again,,if I can be of any assestance whatsoever,,please feel free to let me know,,i love your tours so much,what do you think about some tours to cuba in the future I,ll be the first to sign up,,i,ll be in touch very soon.for one of the china tours,,keep up the good work.

god bless

Thomas B.
respectfully, yours

It’s John from Amarillo, Texas USA. Remember me? I visited Costa Rica a month ago. As promised I am writing to thank you for all the great help you were to me while I was in Costa Rica. You are very efficient and professional! I had a great time meeting ladies and you were helpful in many other areas; advising this old "gringo" on the ’do’s and dont’s’ of getting around there.

Please pass this email along to John Adams in Phoenix! I know John and he’s always interested in hearing that his clients get excellent service from his staff!

Thank you again Gustavo! Espero verte otra vez!

Amarillo Texas USA

You May Click On Any Featured Woman On These Tour Pages To View Her Bio Page!

Trip was perfect (except for lost luggage.) I went to meet Fritzie - we are completely in love and are now engaged. Wonderful experience. AFA staff very helpful!

Lance M.
Dear Sirs,

Ten years ago in March 2005 I took my first and only AFA tour to Volgograd Russia. The reason I took only one tour was because I didn’t need a second one. On that tour I met and later that year married the love of my life. Later this year we plan to celebrate our 10th anniversary and I felt obligated to write and thank you for the service you provided a decade ago. I don’t know where my life would be if I had not took a chance, stepped out of my comfort zone and went on that tour. I know there would not be a seven year old that calls me daddy and changed my life for the better in more ways than I can count.

I have for the last ten years directed every single man I know towards your website - well every single ‘good’ man. I don’t know how many men have joined or gone on one of your tours but I try to show them with the example of my marriage how great life can be if you do something a little different. I let them know there is only one agency that I trust, only one agency that can deliver and only one website to go to. I even typed up a little slip of paper I carry in my wallet to hand out that simple says: AFA Tours, Loveme.com, Change Your Life Forever! I hope you don’t mind the free advertising.

I wish you the best of luck in continuing to grow your business. In my opinion it is the best business in America.

Thank You,

Mark C.

Charleston, WV

I think you have another success story for your company. Unless something unforeseen happens I believe Tatiana and I will be very happy together. We met in November last year and I just got back from spending a week with her. We have talked about everything I can think of that would cause a problem for us and she even started looking into getting an Oklahoma cosmetology license, so I think this is a done deal. I just sent in the paperwork last week so we now have to wait. I just wanted to let you know and maybe I can help some more of your guys make the decision if you want. I am very happy now and I know nothing is for sure until it is done but with her wanting this as much as I do I don’t know how we can fail. I just wanted to let you know because you have been a big help for me. Take care and I hope things are going well for you.

Bill W.

I have taken only one tour and that’s was to Dominican Republic and had the time of my life. Besides meeting very beautiful women and enjoying their company I met the other people in the group and we entertained each other with conversation about our escapades There was a mutual respect and comradery. The things that occur on this tour were laughable and if any man goes on a dating site it should be AFA. It gives a wouldwidevview of match making and the most enjoyable time of your life.


It all began when I found A Foreign Affair, back on Thanksgiving Day, 2011. Actually, I never heard of the company, and didn’t have any idea that there was such a company that actually existed, or that I felt comfortable with. All I knew was, I had an ongoing interest in Europe, and I wanted to have a personal experience with someone special. But I was having trouble with believing what I was reading. I found a a list of companies that matched what I had entered as my interests, and as I scanned each one, A Foreign Affair caught my eye. At this point, I wasn’t expecting much, except the same old rederic I had seen in the past. As I viewed the contents of each website, I was intrigued by the information that was listed from AFA, as much of it was never mentioned on anything else I had seen. Still skeptacle, I began to verify the information listed with information from U. S. Government websites, and found that many of the facts listed on AFA’s website actually was truthful. I decided to join, but without making any financial commitment, until I could verify more information. I even made some phone calls, and asked questions based on the information listed on the website. I was amazed to find out that everything I asked about, turned out to be exactly what I saw on the site. At this point, I became a bit more interested, and began to think that this company was the ’real deal’, since all the facts were verifyable. In February of 2012, I drove up to Nashville, Tennessee, to attend a seminar, which was presented by Bud Patterson, Vice President of A Foreign Affair. The presentation lasted about four hours, and there were others that had already gone through the program. There was one client who had his wife with him, of which he discovered through AFA, She was from Peru. Mr Patterson provided a lot of information about the company, which included the different programs a client could choose to get involved with. I went home that evening, and pondered over the information that I had gained from the seminar, and within a few days, I decided that I was going to move forward.

I decided that for me, the best direction to take, would be to go with the Executive Program, as I felt uncomfortable with attending a social setting, There was nothing wrong with it, it was just not right for me. The Executive Program provided more of a comforable setting, and provided unlimited assistance, should I need it along the way. I made the financial commitments that were needed, and made my way to Kiev, Ukraine, in mid March, 2013. I had a bit of a delay on the journey there, but that was due to Mother Nature, so that delayed my trip by two days, and thus spent the first days in Amsterdam. As you would expect, by the time I finally arrived in Kiev, I was a little anxious. I had an issue upon arriving at the airport, and had to deal with that, before leaving to head to my apartment, but the driver that waited for me, was very patient, and when I was ready, we were on our way.

I woke up after a very restful night’s sleep, and in a very modest apartment (wish my own apartment was as nice as this one was) I was met by Anna, a translator with AFA, and we had lunch at a local restaurant. She explained all the ’dos, and don’ts’, and explained what her roll would be. She became a very good friend, and I still keep in touch with her today.

During the course of the next six days, I had met seven ladies, all of whom I had written to, on the preceeding three months prior to my journey. I had a very good time meeting, and talking with each of them. By the end of the first week, I had a pretty good idea of whom I was more interested with. But before I would make my decision, I made a three hour journey to Poltava, and spent about five days there; discovering the city. learning a little bit of the history, and of course, meeting a couple of ladies there, I was very amazed by the charm displayed by the locals. Poltava is very quaint, and delightful. After the five days, I took the train back to Kiev, and spent my remaining time getting more involved with two ladies I was interested in. As a matter of fact, I even extended my trip, so I could take one of the ladies to see Yanni, I had known that he was going to perform in Kiev, but it was too late to change my plans. But by the time I was about to leave, I decided to stay the extra days anyway, so I could take her to the performance. Needless to say, she loved him! It made the extension of my stay worth it. I left the day afterward, and had already made plans to return in July, 2013, and I couldn’t wait to get back.

On my second trip to Kiev, I spent part of my time with one of the ladies, and then the other, but by that time, I had already made my decision on who I was more happy with. And that is when we really got to know each other. We traveled to Yalta, but without Anna, as we wanted to go it alone, without a translator, It was great! We spent six days in Yalta, at a very nice hotel and sauna. We also took a day trip around the Crimea. Hopefully, we will be able to return, after the current issues have hopefully calmed down. The people of the area are very pleasent, and it’s really a great place to retire as well. Just don’t tell the world; as I prefer my privacy. I’m crossing my fingers that we can make that desire a reality some day. I went back again at the end of November, 2013, and spent nine days with my girl. We did a lot, dispite the events taking place, which included a visit to the Titanic Exhibit. By this time, we are fully on our own, and doing great. We are learning each other’s language, and having a great time. We also did some shopping as well. I was ready to pop the question, and had already purchased the ring four months earlier, when we traveled to Rimini, Italy, in June, 2014. We stayed in an apartment, which was only a block from the beach. We did more sightseeing, and shopping, but we made our own meals. This was to cut down on costs, and to really enjoy ourselves for what we would eventually be doing in our future. And on June 27, 2014, I proposed, and she accepted. Oh, I asked her the question in Russian, which was a little bit of a challenge, but that is what I wanted to do. It went well. She was quite amazed, and very pleased. I went home a very happy man. So now it’s time to get everything together for the Fiance Visa. It’s a bit of work to get everything together, but it will be worth it, in the end. The process is underway, as of this writing, and I’m hoping that by some time in August, 2015, she will be given permission to enter the United States. I left again for Kiev, on December 27, 2014, to spend the holidays with her, and to meet more of her family, and learning all the traditions of the holidays in Ukraine. The trip included travel to Tbilisi, Georgia Republic, to visit another family member. It was a wonderful time spending the holidays in Ukraine, and something I’m looking forward to doing again, and again. The people of Ukraine are very plesent, and even though the country is going through issues, life is still going on. I have seen things that you won’t hear from the news media; things that would delightfully surprise you. The economy is rough right now, but there is still a lot of hope. I have a lot to learn, but the one thing I promised her family, and which I will keep my word about, we will return, again and again. Once we are a couple, officially, her family will be my family, and visa-versa. I will learn the language, the traditions, understand the history of the country, and enjoy the food (which I already do).

A Foreign Affair is a company you can put your complete trust in. You can trust John Adams. President of A Foreign Affair, and rest in the knowledge that the experience you are about to embark on (should you decide to do so), will be one that you will want to remember for a long time to come. But the important thing you have to remember is, you have to be sincere in your intentions. This is not a game. You need to take this experience with an open mind, and with honest intentions. The women are real, and so you have to be. A Foreign Affair goes to great pains to make sure that your experience will be rewarding, and hopefully successful in the end. If something unexpected arises, AFA will be there to assist you. You are not going to be left to your own defenses, ever.

A Foreign Affair has an ’A+’ rating with the Better Business Bureau. This company has been around for twenty years, and has a proven track record, and complies with all state (of Arizona) and Federal laws. All you need to do is put your faith in AFA. I did, and I’m happy with my success. The next move is up to you. If you decide to take the experience, please be honest. John and his team at A Foreign Affair will do everything possible to reasonably assure a positive experience for you.
Just a note to say thanks for your service ! I went to Kiev in September and met several nice Lady’s from many professions. Victoria was my guide and did an excellent job. She had my best interest and safety at heart and took great care of me. I have kept in touch with one lady (Julia) by email and we want to be together. I called your office and got info about a fiancee visa and will send money to get the ball rolling in a couple of weeks. I plan on going back to Kiev in March and give Julia a ring.I would like to request Victoria as my translator , she is a great person and a asset to you company! Anna has been a great help to me here in the U.S. and I will keep both of you posted as my plans progress. thank s so much for your help , I had friends that have been skeptical but I tell them from experience that your company is one of honesty and integrity.

Richard M.

I just got in yesterday from Medellin,wanted to say what a great staff you have there.I used Daniella the interpreter one evening she was worth her weight in gold,and continued to pass along messages to me during the week from one of the ladies there.She was great!!!.I cant say enough about Jenny,the internet service at Plaza Rosa was off and on,and I had some important things to take care of that Jenny spent quality some time to help me get it done in your office thereShe never missed a beat on an appointment for me with the ladies and made sure everything went well for me thereShe was THE BEST.She is an asset to Foriegn Affair in Medellin without question.The other girls (Lorena and her sister) were very helpful in many ways as well,finding me good restaurants and answering my questionsYou staff was profession,helpful,and very friendlyI cant say enough about everyone therePlease pass on the my gratitude and sincere thankfulness to you staff in MedellinThose ladies made my helped make my stay a lifelong memory

Best wishes to everyone

My experience with AFF was interesting and eye opening. I recommend everybody try it once. We started in Kiev with a social, but I didn’t really meet anyone that I was interested in. Then we went to Poltava! What a world of difference! The social was much nicer and the women were genuine in looking for love.

The most important thing to remember, is don,t give up. I met several women at the social, but they didnt pan out for various reasons. For the next 2 days I went through the books looking, but everyone I was interested in, was working or out of town. On the last night of our stay, I again went looking in the profile books and came across one that interested me. The office girls contacted her and we met. Within 5 minutes, we felt like we had known each other for years. 3 hours later, my heart was won.

It took about a year to get everything together with the K1 visa. I prepared the paperwork my self. In October 2013 my Julia arrived. We married in November and today we continue to be happy.

Best wishes,


My name is Billie N. and I was just recently on the AFA Odessa, Ukraine tour. I wanted to send you an email to share my experience and to reach out to you. First off I want to let you know that you have a great staff that created a great experience for all. I had more time with your Odessa staff and I can tell you that Svetlana and Margarita are both great and went out of their way to help all the guys. All the interpreters and other staff were great as well.

Now on to our tour leader Anna. I had to start a new paragraph for her simply because she deserves it. There could not be a better tour leader or employee in your company. I can not imagine the tour without her. She is AMAZING!!! She is a tireless worker and absolutely worked her butt off for all of the guys on the tour. Everything from making calls, giving advice, setting up interpreters, and even staying late to make sure all of the guys were happy. She went way above and beyond on what I expected or could have even hoped for. She was there for absolutely anything that we needed whenever we needed it. She is a great example for all of your current and future tour leaders.

The 3 cities in the Odessa tour provided 3 different experiences. First in Odessa, I liked the venue and the atmosphere. It was a great experience. The only complaint that I would have in Odessa would be the volume of the music. It was a little too loud for conversation. I came out of that social being a bit hoarse from having to talk so loudly. There were areas you could go to have better conversation but most of the girls were downstairs where the music was really loud. Turn down the volume of the music there and it would be perfect. In Kherson, it was another great experience. The volume was much more pleasing and the venue once again was great. It was very easy to have conversation there and the layout was good.

Nikolaev was a different experience. There we tried the "speed dating" concept. This was met with mixed reviews from the guys. I tried to talk to most of the guys about this experience and here is what I found.the guys who enjoyed the experience were generally more shy than the ones who did not enjoy it as much. It seemed to really helped some of the more shy guys to open up and talk to the girls through their interpreter. For me, however, I found this to be the least enjoyable social. There seemed to be a lot of wasted time for me sitting at tables where I had no interest in anyone. It also provided many awkward moments where you ask for one girl’s information at a table while other girls are just looking at you. Also by the time we finished the "speed dating" portion of the social there was not much time left for the rest of the social. I feel like it is a good idea to have ways to help the guys who are a bit more shy to open up because I can definitely see value in that. I just feel that can be accomplished without so much wasted time or awkward moments. My personal suggestion would be to either have a tour leader take the guys around the venue when they first arrive so that the guys can pick 5 or 6 tables that they would most like to visit or to have the tables arranged by specific criteria(age, children, hair color, ect) so that the guys only have to visit the tables where there are girls that they would have a genuine interest in. Both of these ideas would eliminate the wasted time and should provide much longer for normal social activities. Another suggestion would to have each girl at the table to have an assigned number on her name sticker so that the guy can send the interpreter to get the girl’s information as to avoid awkward moments(exampleTable 6, Girl #3).

Another great experience on this tour besides the socials and dating opportunities was the trip to the orphanage in Kherson. It was a very humbling and rewarding experience. It was nice to be able to give back and I would like to thank you for that opportunity. Also I absolutely fell in love with the country and the people of Ukraine. The cities and people were so nice.

This tour was one of the best experiences of my life and I truly appreciate and respect your company and its mission. While I was on tour I took a lot of joy in helping some of the other guys with breaking out of their shells and even helping with some introductions. I was able to give them some advice as well. It made me feel good to help these other guys. Also the women of Ukraine are wonderful and very deserving of happiness so I would like to be able to help them and the guys find happiness together. I would be honored to help you in this mission in any capacity that you would see fit. Feel free to call me if you would like to talk to me more or have me elaborate on anything that I said.

Thanks again,

Billie N.
Mr. Adams,

This letter is to thank you and your AFA colleagues for another great experience during my recent visit to Odessa.

As I am sure that you understand, at my age that is approaching 60 years old, it is difficult to find enjoyable experiences with women who will consider me to be a good companion and possible life partner. Your organization permits me to have these experiences, when few other options exist.

The local manager of your AFA Office in Odessa, Svetlana Nadolenko, provided wonderful service to me.

It was possible to meet almost all of the ladies on my "wish list" because of Svetlana’s efforts. All of those ladies would be beyond my ability to meet in any other place.

I was fortunate to receive a gracious welcome at the times of introduction to many of these ladies. This was because the ladies on the AFA website become comfortable very quickly when they meet Svetlana. They seem to feel that Svetlana is a colleague and that she understands their needs and their situations in life. They seem to feel that Svetlana is acting to help them as well as the male clients whom she introduces to them.

There were multiple ladies who were initially not comfortable with me personally, but who gradually did develop a more favorable impression, after speaking with Svetlana. As the ladies visibly relax and become comfortable, it makes the introduction process much more enjoyable and less stressful for all involved.

Svetlana went beyond the regular limits of service on many occasions to help me. These included helping me with my appearance. She took me to a hair salon to get a much better hairstyle. She advised me about the best attire to wear to create a good impression on the ladies who I wanted most to impress. She helped to buy small gifts that I could give at the first or second date. One example involved buying some chocolates at a special store called Lviv Chocolates, which the lady had never visited, despite her having lived in Odessa for 41 years. Another example involved purchasing a cell phone with a good functional camera for another lady whose cell phone did not have a working camera function.

In summary, I am very grateful to you and your colleagues for allowing me to continue to find hope that I can develop a close relationship with a lady who can give color, warmth, and excitement to my life. I will certainly go back to Odessa in the Spring, when weather permits, to followup with two of the ladies whom Svetlana introduced me to. It also helps to have the new confidence that it is just a matter of time before one of the beautiful ladies on the AFA website begins to feel that I am special also.


Dave M.
Hi John,

my name is Todd W. I was there in cartagena for the recent tour and met a wonderful lady !! I’m going back there to see her at the end of January to spend a week with her. I want to tell you that Tom was very helpful to me during my stay there . I wanted to get my lady a gift and Tom made a great suggestion of having a photo of Fanny and I printed and framed that I gave her. Tom even came to the photo shop to help me so I would not be late with my date with her !!! I was very pleased !!! I had a wonderful week there all the staff I thought went out of there way to help me.



From the moment that I decided to go to the August, 2014 Social in Cebu, until the time that I returned, I had one of the best experiences that I have ever had. First, AFA in Phoenix was highly professional in making all arrangements, and in telling me all about the process (how it works, what to expect, how to make the most of my time in Cebu). I identified about 20 Ladies who I wanted to meet, and began writing to each of them. After a short while, I realized that I did not have chemistry with a few, and a few probably felt the same about me. But I eventually identified 9 who I wanted to invite to the Socials (7 came on Friday, and 2 came on Saturday). I met four of them before the Socials for dates, which is a great experience and I highly recommend. The Staff in AFA Cebu is simply the best. From the moment that I was met at the Cebu Mactan Airport by Luz (she took me to the Waterfront Hotel and stayed until I was fully checked in), through the help with the AFA Cebu Office (each Lady working there was super helpful, kind, sweet, and supportive), through the Tours that they took us on (Mary Grace is incredible), through the many functions (I sat with Jim Mathieu and his girlfriend at the Pool Party -- what a really great gentleman he is), I had a first rate experience. There were two orientation meetings, and numerous interactions to make sure that the men were fully aware of all details, and supported. And then there were the Socials. Simply unbelievable. For us 16 men, there were 115 women each evening. Beautiful, sweet, happy women. All perfectly dressed and made up. And all there for only one reason: to meet the man who will love them, marry them, and make a life with them. No one can really imagine how nice the experience is unless he goes. So to anyone reading my sincere and honest message, here it is: "buy a ticket, make a reservation, begin chatting with a few Ladies who you would like to meet, keep your mind open to all possibilities, and GO. Go. Go. Go." As Jim says over and over again, it works, it works, it works. As a doctor here in America, I am hoping to someday (soon) bring a sweet, kind, loving, gentle, tender, beautiful, special Lady back to America to live all of my life with. There are so many of these Ladies in Cebu. So go, guys. Go. I will be happy to speak to any of you. The AFA Office in Phoenix can put me in touch with you. So just let me know.

(Name Withheld by Request)

Like most men considering the idea of marrying a foreign bride, I put off making the decision for over a year on whether or not I was serious enough to actually fly to a different continent and entirely different culture to take a chance on this seemingly risky venture. At some point I decided to go and quickly paid my down payment so as to lock myself in before changing my mind. The decision having been made and money paid out, there was a sense of relief that events were in motion and I was just a bystander. All things considered, this was one of the better decisions I have made in a long time. Touching down in Odessa and meeting up with my group and our group leaders only made me relax more because it was obvious that the men I was meeting had been down the same road as I had and we had enough in common just from our similar experiences and frustrations of being somewhat dissatisfied with the difficulties of finding traditionally minded women in post-feminism America. As well as finding out about some new and interesting places that our trip would take us, and discovering a country where the ladies seem to compete with each other to get our attention (a change from the usual mindset of American women where they pretend they don’t even know you exist), my feeling that I had made a good move was confirmed even more with every passing day. What really set the vacation apart from another trip that you might take, where you just sit on a beach or something, were the socials which were presented by A Foreign Affair. They were an experience every guy should have if only just once. On the trip I took we had three socials. I later admitted to my new found buddies that during the first one I had been rather nervous. By the time the last one rolled around, I felt like I was so good at doing the meet and greet thing that I could have been the Maitre˜d. Each event was jam-packed with beautiful single women looking to meet eligible respectful gentlemen. If I have any criticism at all it is that there usually weren’t quite enough guys because a lot of the ladies often sat there without anyone to talk to and seemed lonely or bored. I mean, these things are nothing if not male-centric! All you need to pack with you is a suit of clothes (dressing nice is a plus for the ladies) and an air of confidence. Almost all of the ladies were honest, sincere, and friendly. I am not a man that usually takes to dancing, but once I started, I couldn’t stop. The memories that I brought home from the Ukraine may well last a lifetime. Although I did not meet my future wife on the trip I am pondering a return for another try. Even if no permanent long term relationship results are achieved, I can honestly say I enjoyed myself immensely and made a few friends along the way. If you are at all on the fence about giving a romance trip a try, I urge you to throw caution to the wind and attempt an adventure which could positively change your life forever. There are no guarantees in life, but A Foreign Affair certainly does their part to put all the elements in place that, if you bring a little initiative of your own, may help you meet the life partner you have always searched for.

Good luck.

Hi Guys,

Hi Guys. This is Brian in ND again. If you want to go on a wonderful European vacation. You couldn’t find one better than this. AFA is top shelf all the way. They have been going to the Ukraine for 19 years. They got it down. I want to talk about the beautiful women of the Ukraine. Let me tell you about what could be one of the best 5 minute stretches of my some what miserable life. Do you remember the blues brothers movie? They are gonna get the band back together and save the school, and Elwood says ( we are on a mission from God) Ok we are on the tour bus heading to the second social in Nikolaev. We are pumped. We know how much fun this is gonna be. Just imagine you are a Ukrainian woman. You were raised to have a husband, family and be a great wife. Now you learn 40% of you will never be married. Now you learn single American men are coming to your town to find a wife. Its crazy guys. Every table you walk by, 6 or more beautiful women with friendly eyes are begging you to sit with them. Women half your age are putting their phone numbers in your pocket. It will blow your mind. I got addicted. Holding a woman that beautiful on the dance floor. Cheek to cheek. A little kiss on the cheek. Tell her how beautiful she is. It will let endorphins in your brain go and you will become addicted like I am. I cant wait to get back. This will be the longest winter of my life. Ok we are on the bus. I tell the guys the only way I can understand why these women can be this beautiful is this. 3 thousand years before Christ God came down and said we gotta mix this up. So he gave Alexander the great luck and they took slaves. And it sucked but the races were mixing. Then the Romans did it, and mongles and so on. I said guys I think the Lord wants the races to mix. I think he made these women this beautiful so western men would get them and the races would mix. That’s the only way I can explain why they are this beautiful. I said guys we are on a mission from God. The bus went nuts. Guys were slapping their legs and holding their stomachs. It was a great laugh. Guys its gotta be a act of God. You see the photos on this web site and you think there no way they gotta be photo shopped. Then you meet her and you will think she is 20% more beautiful in person. Kid you not. Anyway. Then the bus pulled in to the parking lot. I said guys lets show these lady a great time. The doors of the bus opened. I shot out headed for the night club. I don’t know it but they’re not letting the girls into the club. So about 130 of the most beautiful ladies on the planet earth are waiting in this room. Standing shoulder to shoulder. I come flying into the doorway and stop and 130 angels stop talking and turn and look at me. Guys it was a sight and feeling I will never forget. The guys came in behind me. It was a neat moment in our life’s. Pure gold. Moments like that are waiting for you to. Lets go. Im going again July 2015. I don’t see a better time to go.

I would love to see you there.


It has been a sincere pleasure to participate in the AFA tours to Ukraine. I have been amazed at the warm welcome and availability of attractive Ukranian women in each city. It is actually difficult to decide which lady to invite out on dates and with whom to pursue a longer term relationship. This is a completely different experience than I, or most other men, have in the United States. Many of the other men tell me that they cannot wait to return to Ukraine again, after the AFA tour is over, for this reason. After the Social Events of the tour, I must discard several of the phone numbers of attractive and interesting ladies who I have met, because there is not sufficient time to meet all the ladies once again or to pursue communications with all of them after leaving Ukraine.

For many of the women, but not all, the appearance of the man appears to be less important than his personality and potential of being a good partner. I am 58 years old, with a moderate degree of extra weight, and without handsome qualities. Despite this, I have had the pleasure of attracting the attention of several very pretty women in Ukraine, who I feel would never give me any attention in the Social events for Singles in the United States. Each man on the tour who presents a friendly demeanor is very successful in meeting several nice women. However, it is very clear that the most beautiful ladies do select the more physically fit and younger men to give their attention to.

The AFA tour leaders appear to be very careful about ensuring that each American man has an adequate opportunity to meet numerous Ukranian ladies. The AFA tour leaders try to ensure that even shy men and men who are less than confident about their personal appearance will be able to have several dates on the tour.

Although going on the tour has the primary objective of meeting a special lady, it is also very interesting to see another culture and to visit places of historical interest. Ukraine has many cities on the tour schedule that offer very interesting cultural experiences as well as the social opportunities. For example, it was very pleasant to walk through the downtown area of a secondary city called Poltava, and to see many beautiful parks, flowers, and restored older buildings.

AFA organizes the tours so that there is very good support from translators at the Social Events and on the individual dates during the tour. However, it is very important that the man understands that the communication barrier will be a big issue in trying to develop a personal relationship with one of the ladies, after the tour ends. In my opinion, a man who is serious about develoing a relationship with a Ukranian woman must have a plan to help her to learn English. In my experience, about 10% to 20% of the ladies do speak English to at least a modest level. This percentage is greater among the younger women and in the bigger cities.

My experiences are very current. I have visited several cities with AFA in 2014, during the events that have received international press coverage. AFA has been very careful to manage the tour process so that no sense of danger to personal security in Ukraine has appeared to be necessary. I actually feel safer in many of the downtown areas of Ukranian cities than I do in the metro center of the large American cities that I live near or have visited.


Dave M.
John, Here is my Romance Tour Review:

Landing in Kharkov on a beautiful autumn day, I was eagerly anticipating my second Romance Tour with AFA. On the first night, the guys all met to enjoy some great Ukrainian food and to share some war stories from past tours. The first Social was very exciting. The Compass Club was the perfect venue for the 18 or so guys that went on our tour. About 150 beautiful Ukrainian women attended the social and the majority of them were very friendly and approachable. AFA spared no expense in providing food and champagne for all involved, most importantly the ladies who attended. I met at least 10 different ladies within the first half hour of the four hour social. I met beautiful ladies, got their emails and phone numbers and didn’t tarry, as the important thing to do was to meet and greet as many of these gorgeous women as possible. The atmosphere at all three socials (Kharkov, Poltava and Sumy) was very festive and exhilarating. Every guy wondered if he would meet the lady that he might spend the rest of his life with.

Following the socials, the guys all went to the "Hospitality Room" also known as the War Room the following day to set up dates with the favorite girls they met at the social, or that we had been writing to prior to the tour. The friendly Interpreters working for AFA were more than happy to take the lists of ladies that I wanted to date and set up dates for the afternoon and evening. Some of the guys went through the binders of ladies’ profiles, but most of them had already found the ladies they wanted to arrange dates with through AFA’s website prior to the tour. The dates were exciting as I took a lady to bowling, a local cafe, or even to a French comedy at a Kharkov movie theater (spoken in Ukrainian) Spending time with beautiful ladies that wouldn’t have given me the time of day in America was exciting and a huge ego boost, but you had to keep things in perspective. Poltava and Sumy were very friendly, historically significant towns. I enjoyed meeting the ladies in these two towns. The bus ride to these cities with the other guys on the tour gave us each time to reflect on the girls we met in Kharkov and what the girls in Poltava or Sumy may be like. The socials in these two towns were great and well attended. I think there were at least eight ladies to each guy in all three socials, which made it almost surreal compared to what we are used to back home. I think the most important lesson I learned on this romance tour was to make as many contacts as possible with both the ladies AND the guys on the tour. Now that I am back home in the U.S., I have been able to email some of the ladies I met on the tour. The fact that I had about four or five ladies that I met makes it nice as I can now decide which ones I’d like to come back to Ukraine and spend more quality time with. Most of the guys that I met on the tour were all super friendly and I’m still in contact with a few of them. Some of them have already planned to go back to Ukraine and I am also hoping to go back and visit some of the ladies I met on the tour.

Scott H.

Helen the manager of the Davao office has been trying to get me to attend a tour there. This past October I made the trip to attend the tour and from the start it was a great experience. The hotel staff was great also from the time of arrival at the airport to check-in. Helen met with me on the first day and we went over my invite list and was able to add a lady at the last minute. The staff at the office was great and even set a date with lady later on the first day. My buddy is a person from the office was very helpful and when I told them of an idea I had they suggest that I get flowers for my invites that will be there. They also ask me who I wanted to have the first dance with this was a surprise for as this dance was before the start of the social. As we moved from table to table and if there was one of my invites at the table they would try their best to have me sit near or next to them. When my choice to do the paper dance with had to leave I ask my buddy to ask another person to be my partner. That person was my partner in the paper dance and we had a date on Saturday. At the social Helen and her staff make sure that you have fun and keep things moving so it’s possible to meet as many ladies as possible.

Thanks for a great time,

Dear Bud Patterson,

My input and experience regarding AFA Romance Tours, specifically to Cebu, Philippines -GO! Just GO! Do not write ANY letters unless you have a seat on a plane! No substitute for being there, no real need to waist any money writing anyone -Romance Tour or Asian Club Tour, the key factor is; You Must Be There Physically! Arrive with a list of possibilities or sort through the profiles when you get there -but you have to get there!

When you have Plane Tickets. then if you are really compelled to do so, only write to a few women. Starting a letter with "I am coming to (Her city) on (Date) - I find your profile interesting maybe we could get to know each other a little before I arrive? That format will get a response, if she is genuinely interested - no lady that is serious about a relationship wants a pen-pal or e-mail buddy -THEY WANT TO SEE YOU, Touch You, Look into Your Eye’s and know you are real! Isn’t that what us GUYS WANT TOO? No letter can do what one actual meeting can accomplish.

I know because I wrote two women before I arrived on my tour. One of those women is now my Fiancee - we were engaged after our first meeting! Sometimes you write expecting her to be the one, and she is not. No Chemistry, nice lady but not your future. In my case the chemistry was WOW! The in person meeting could not have been a better meeting; it by far exceeded both her and my wildest expectations!

Both women (yes only two) that I corresponded with were over forty which was in my desired age group -what your preferred criteria may be is your criteria, you may eliminate the perfect woman for too strict of a requirement list -but stick to it and focus! Not easy to focus with over a hundred pretty ladies, and girls, with bright expectant brown eyes, and long black hair, all trying to get your attention! The socials are a whirlwind of fun games, laughter, talking and meeting with every lady! It is a lot to take in -keep notes and stay -focused! Your may actually find the woman of your dreams...I did.

One final note. Do not sell yourself or her short! Deciding on your future partner in life for the rest of your life is not an offhand decision. It takes time and turmoil of emotions for both of you. Get to know the woman, and let her know the man. Take as much time to do that as you possibly can -stay for the two week tour (or longer is possible) a week or ten days fly’s by entirely too fast.

Robert M.
Hi Guys,

Hi Guys. This is Brian from North Dakota. I went on the sept. Odessa tour. I had such a great time that I now am now addicted to the Ukraine. I have never been addicted to anything before. I could tell you about how wonderful the hotel Londonskya in Odessa is. How much fun we had going to the dance bars. How AFA is top shelf all the way. I want to tell you about how beautiful the woman of Ukraine are. One of the best parts of the tour is talking to the guys over breakfast. One morning I said to a table of 5 guys. Guys I think if you took 50 American woman 25 to 40 years old and 50 Ukrainian woman the same age. You might have 1 calendar girl model on the American side but you would have 7 to 8 on the Ukrainian side. The guys went nuts. After a 10 minute discussion. We agreed you would have 14 to 15 on the Ukrainian side. No lie they are 15 times as beautiful as American women. For me the best treasure I discovered on the tour was the woman in the 33 to 40 age range. I think that in America and the Ukraine you can find 20 to 30 year olds that are beautiful, but they are not women. You find a truly beautiful 37 year old and that is one of the most beautiful woman on the planet earth. I think at each social there were 4 to 8 of then. Kid you not. They are truly one of the most beautiful woman in the history of man kind, If you see what a wonderful treasure this is you gotta go. Im going on the July 2015 tour. Lets do it. I don’t see a better time to go. 5 million more women then men in this wonderful country. 40 percent of the woman will never be married. In America we teach our daughters. Get a good education. Go to collage and get a good job so she can stand on her own. She doesn’t need a man. In the Ukraine they teach there daughters be a lady. Always be beautiful. Find a good husband and be a good wife and mother. That’s what im looking for. A hard working good wife that wants to be taken care of. This is a moment in time guys.

Thanks guys


One of the best times of my life!! Great trip. So much fun. Bud is such an awesome tour leader. He was also a lot of fun. And Anna V. helped me out many times, too, nudging me in the right direction, or introducing me to girls I liked at socials. I think the hardest part of the trip, was choosing which amazing and beautiful woman to spend our limited time with. I met more women that I had chemistry with in one week, than I probably would in a year here in America. Even though I met someone I like a whole lot, it is tempting to go again in the future just to have fun, hang out with Bud and Anna, and the other awesome people I met (Ken, Ron, Joe, David, Scott, Juan). It’s crazy, but I had just as much fun hanging out with the guys, as I did with the gorgeous women. Of course, having a beautiful, classy, lady on your arm, makes everything else better. It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea in the future, to privately remind some of the guys of reality. A couple of the guys on the trip, should have probably just been grateful that such gorgeous girls were even talking to them! Another idea, is to pass out a sheet at the end of the night to every girl at the social, with the name and picture of every guy on it. Then, have them put a check mark next to every guy they would like to see again. Or, better yet, a number from 1 to 10, of how interested they are in each guy. Then, use those results to arrange more successful dates the next day. I know this would be a large administrative and logistical undertaking, If I ever go again, I would even volunteer to do the work on something like this for free, because I think everyone may end up winning, both girls and guys, and AFA and affiliates. From a profitability standpoint, guys are going to be more willing to spend more money, over a longer time, on women who are very interested in them. This system may help some future couples find each other.

The main thing I want to say though, is


Na Zdorovie, Chris

P.S. Feel free to call me to talk about any of this. As you can probably tell, I am a big fan of AFA, and of helping dudes finda the love.
Hello bud,

How are you doing? In case you don’t remember me, I was on your Kiev/Poltava tour in November 2013, I was commicating with a lady in Poltava before the tour, and I finally meet her in Poltava back in November 2013 thanks to you and your organization, Tatiana and I where married on the beach in Jamacia on August 28, 2014. We are now in the process of her and her daughters immigration to Canada.

Thanks for your help

Donald B.

Overall I had a positive experience. the pace was a little fast for me but seemed to work well. The only thing that I think would improve my experience would have been if I had understood a little better the psychology and cultural nuances when dealing with Ukrainian Women and how they differed from my experience with American Women. I would recommend this tour to others and the strongest recommendation that I can give is that I will be returning to Sumy and if my present lady there does not work out will engage your local affiliates through you. I think this thing that I did on a lark could lead me to a happy life. Thanks you to all your staff for the help they provided. The only thing negative to say is that the socials became to loud at some points, I understand that this was to provide entertainment for the ladies, providing a quite place in the venue would help.

Kristjan B.

there isn’t enough room to tell you what a wonderful time I had. The new catch phrase is top shelf AFA is and was top shelf all the way. We had a blast the vacation of a life time my friend. I think that everything happens for a reason and having a man the caliber of Bud Paterson has to be a act of God. I don’t know if you heard about my motivational speech but it very well could have been one of the greatest speeches in the history of man kind. And then the wonderful moment that followed was so wonderful that it was worth the price of the tour right there. I have lots to talk about. and am running out of room. I will send you more text in the future. THANKS AGAIN John it was top shelf all the way!

Brian C.

Thanks so much for a great Social in Thailand last month. I really enjoyed it. Many thanks to the staff members in Bangkok for all their great dedication and assistance. It was great. I met a ton of great ladies. I recommend a social to anyone viewing your website.



The AFA staff, from Phoenix and Ukraine, were great and very helpful. It was a pleasure to meet everyone. The tour exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone.

Jack S.
Dear John Adams and Bud Patterson,

Strange how things in our lives change. Three years ago I sent you a resume wanting to work for you doing seminars and tours, two years ago I asked for your permission to include your company’s name in my book. A request that you graciously granted.

Never did I think that I would be writing this email at that time. Yet here I sit in my rented townhouse in Mactan, Cebu, Philippines doing just that. My life this year has been at my lowest when my wife of 39 years passed away and at my high