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Now you will find an exciting new video feature on our web site focused entirely on the beautiful, single Philippine women profiled on our web site. We will be releasing a new video featuring several of these REAL women along with news and updates direct from our Philippine operations (Cebu and Davao). In each video you will be able to watch and listen to the women having fun at the beach, being treated to a nice meal at a popular restuarant or simply exploring and showing you their city while they talk about themselves and their own aspirations.

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PW Video Episode 184: Meet the SWEETEST girls in Cebu!

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Cebu January Grand Social Tour 2015 - Social One

Do you know that top reasons why you should visit Cebu, Philippines? Well, you need not to look further because Cebu has it all! Fine beaches, impressive restaurants, impeccable hotels, and most of all gorgeous ladies are everwhere. Yes, they're everywhere. Here in the Philippines, your money will go a long, long way! It's not so expensive to travel here. You can enjoy all the perks and have fun in a reasonable price. By travelling here you'll have the opportunity to stay away from the normal routine and do something extraordinary. Witness the first night of January grand social tour 2015 and you'll see how we give our clients priceless happiness and satisfaction. Experience it NOW!

PW Video Episode 183: DAVAO MARCH SOCIALS 2015

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Having fun with the Gorgeous Davao Ladies

MARCH SOCIALS 2015 has come! Here's a preview of the activities we all shared and enjoyed together with the Davao Ladies and our Wonderful guests. Another memory became unforgettable and another set of couples has been engaged through this INCREDIBLE EVENT! And of course, lots of new Davao ladies joined the party.. This time, 17 Davao Ladies were featured, and they are really serious in finding their love of their life. BE MESMERIZED! BE FORTIFIED! AND DON'T STOP YOURSELF IN EXPERIENCING THIS KIND OF OPPORTUNITY! Make a move to find your ONE TRUE LOVE and DAVAO WILL BE THE BEST CHOICE FOR YOU!! SEE YOU NEXT DAVAO TOUR THIS COMING OCTOBER, 2015!

PW Video Episode 182: Jack's Engagement and Dinner Celebration

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Let the love begin!

Listen up guys! This is not a simple math calculation. The only difference between love and destiny is mutual attraction. There is no specific map that can take you where your heart should go. When destiny falls into the right place and time, then get ready to embrace romance. Perfect timing is the key. Currently, you'll witness an impeccable love story of Jack and Lota. It takes two people who want to love. And it takes two people who want to be loved. It's like a celebration of hearts. Isn't it amazing? Would you like to experience this kind of story as well? It's never too late to be the next lucky guy like Jack. The only thing you need to do is to start packing up and buy a ticket to be HERE in CEBU. What are you waiting for?


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Testimony of Greg and Juliet plus Three New Wonderful Davao Ladies

Davao City has a lot to offer to you! IT'S SAFE HERE and lots of Beautiful Sceneries like Garden resorts, Pool and Beach Resorts, and Wonderful Malls which you could really enjoy. Include also the animal encounters, the extreme adventure rides like zip lining, skycycling, and many more, and lots of wonderful restaurants offer cheap prices of delicious foods. And oh! Don't forget The most Wonderful women in the planet, THE PHILIPPINE LADIES particularly the DAVAO LADIES. This week's episode, three Davao Ladies will introduce themselves to all of you. These ladies are real and genuine and they are really serious in finding LOVE. And aside from that, another couple will share their story and hoping that they could inspire you more. So, Sit back! Relax! And open your heart and mind. BOOK YOUR FLIGHT NOW! AND EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC OF DAVAO CITY! Especially in finding your ONE TRUE LOVE. SEE YOU HERE IN DAVAO, PHILIPPINES!

PW Video Episode 180: Island Hopping + Snorkeling + Gorgeous Cebu Ladies

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Let's have fun under the heat of the sun!

Summer is never ending, only here in Cebu, Philippines. Where you can do snorkeling, diving, swimming, while enjoying the prestigious marine sanctuary. Nothing is better than being less than an hour drive away from the white sand beaches and breathtaking resorts. It's a perfect escaped with your date while having a perfect lunch with a taste of fresh seafoods. It's like a paradise, indeed! This is an extraordinary adventure where you can explore the beauty of Cebu while you're on your romantic date. Isn't it amazing? This day tour gives you a combination of excitement and fun with a twist of unique experience. You might want to JOIN us next time? BOOK NOW!

PW Video Episode 179: 6 YEARS AND STILL LOVING

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MARCH TOUR is coming up!!! Are you ready? Well, you should be ready! Because these 23 beautiful, stunning Davao Ladies are waiting for you here! Not only these 23 ladies, but lots of Wonderful Davao ladies are joining the SOCIALS PARTY this March. Like what you have seen in our episodes about the party, you will experience exceptional fun. And who knows? This time, you will find the love of your life! Just like our featured couple in this episode, Roger and Venus. They are already 6 years of being married and still loving each other. This couple will really inspire you! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode and DON'T FORGET TO SIGN UP FOR YOUR DAVAO MARCH TOUR 2015 this time while it's not too late yet! WE'RE WAITING FOR YOU HERE!

PW Video Episode 178: All the best spots and things to do while you're in Cebu!

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Discover the allure of Cebu's major landmarks.

Enjoy the top sights in Cebu: Fort San Pedro, Magellan's Cross, Basilica Minore del Santo Niño, Parian, Tops, and Lantaw. Visiting some of the historical places in Cebu will surely make you feel like home. Embrace the beautiful culture that Cebu has to offer. This is a tour dedicated to the sights, flavors, sounds, and colors of Cebu. Be thrilled by the breathtaking mountain scenery from the panoramic view of Tops. The perfect destination to spend quality time with your date. With an awesome view of the metro, clients had their lunch at Lantaw Native Restaurant. This is another one of the favorite dining spots by both locals and tourists. Are you ready to be the next happiest man alive? BOOK now and JOIN our next August Tour 2015 only here in Cebu, Philippines.


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Davao's Valentines Episode PART 2 - Featuring 6 Davao Ladies

HELLO FEBRUARY! Did you ready yourself for a wonderful and romantic Valentines day date? Well… the moment you'll see and know these 6 Davao Ladies, you should ready yourself!!! We're not forcing you guys, but we're warning you because these Davao Ladies are really mesmerizing and you couldn't imagine someone else sweeter than these Davao Ladies. They are so romantic and genuine! They hope you're romantic too… So if you're alone, don't hesitate to come over here and start your dream love story come true! As Franklin P. Jones says: "Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile." Life isn't that happy and wonderful without experiencing real and genuine love. And now, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! Come over here in Davao this coming Valentine's day or you could also join our TOUR this MARCH, 2015. Lots of Davao Ladies will be present on that big event. And who knows? You will find your lucky woman here in Davao. JUST OPEN YOUR MIND AND HEART AND LET LOVE ENVADE YOURELF AND MAKE A BETTER HAPPY LIFE WITH A DAVAO WOMAN. See you here in DAVAO, PHILIPPINES!

PW Video Episode 176: True love is Ageless

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Michael and Gina's Wedding

The most matched couple you've ever witness. Congratulations to the newly married couple Michael and Gina! Looking back years ago, when Michael met Gina here in AFA Cebu little did he know that she will be his lawful wife now? Anything can happen and it will only take place if you will try to come over here and experience an amazing search. That's a living proof that in order for you to alter your life for a great change, it takes one email, one decision, to make your dreams come to reality. Take a leap of faith to embrace an extraordinary happiness. Life is better when it is shared by two. The only question is, are you ready to make a change? Do it NOW! Our ladies here awaits to meet you.


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Davao's Valentine Episode PART I - Featuring 5 Davao Ladies

Are we too advance in celebrating the Valentine's day? Well… for us here every day is Valentine's day, especially for the Davao Ladies. Their hopes and faith about finding their TRUE LOVE is unstoppable. They are very sincere and genuine about their feelings. And of course, THESE LADIES ARE REAL! How about you? For sure, you have the same thoughts too, but you were just confused about making it come true. Like what we've always said in every episode, stop being so skeptical and see it for yourself that everything you will experience in coming over here in Davao is TANGIBLE that will surely bring a BIG CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE. A change that will give you REAL LOVE. So dare to begin your search and do it here in Davao, Philippines! SEE YOU HERE THIS VALENTINE'S DAY!!.

PW Video Episode 174: Island hopping + August Social Tour 2014

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This how we party! Swim all day and party all night!

Just a short boat ride from the city, we give you the spectacular island hopping. Enjoy watching it with our happy clients from August Social Tour 2014. We will show you how we party here in Cebu. As you choose to stay here, it's also a perfect time to explore yourself in the pristine beach of Cebu. Utterly authentic and known to be one of the most visited spots here in the Philippines. Spend your day and have fun while snorkeling together with our lovely ladies. Nothing to worry about if you don't know how to start. Simply buy a ticket and join our JANUARY TOUR 2015. We will help you from START to finish. Experience the talk of the town party and get ready to embrace an amazing search you could ever imagine! What are you waiting for? JOIN US NOW!


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OCTOBER TOUR EXCURSIONS 2014 plus Two Lovely Davao Ladies.

Davao City has a lot of things to offer that will give you extreme fun, memorable moments, and of course eternal love. Try it to yourself! Just like the other foreign guys who have just come here, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!! Get up and ride on the plane and be here in Davao. We'll never know one of these two Lovely Davao Ladies will make your dream love story into reality. So what are you waiting now? SIGN UP FOR YOUR MARCH TOUR 2015, lots of Wonderful Davao ladies waiting for you and EXPERIENCE INCRIDIBLE THINGS AWAITS YOU HERE!!! DAVAO CITY is the best place where you can find TRUE LOVE. See you here!


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21 Davao Ladies greeting you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

"Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!" Just like Santa's line every time he travels at night to distribute his gifts to the children that has been good for this year. And Here we are, saying… "Ho Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!" too, introducing these 21 Warm and sweet Davao Ladies to all of you!!! Let us know their traditional way of celebrating Christmas with their loved ones, including their Christmas wishes too! How about you? We're sure you also have your Christmas wishes and one of it is having someone special to be with during Christmas holiday. We're pretty sure that you're sick of being alone on this wonderful season. So why not grab this chance? Let this INCREDIBLE CHANGE enter your life! Move now! And don't let yourself being alone again next year's Christmas. These Davao Ladies are SINGLE and READY TO MINGLE and take note! They are waiting for you… SO BOOK YOUR ASIAN CLUB NOW or SIGN UP FOR YOUR MARCH TOUR 2015 and take this wonderful treat for yourself!! SEE YOU HERE IN DAVO, PHILIPPINES!

PW Video Episode 170: AFA Cebu - Christmas Dinner & Party Celebration 2014

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Meet the hardworking and reliable staff of AFA Cebu

Setting up all the things together is indeed hard to do. Today is the time to give compliment to these amazing individuals who have made the AFA Cebu become successful and reliable to its operations. The spirit of Christmas is here to stay and we are celebrating it with you, guys! We give you infinite services from start to finish assistance solution. Our purpose is to give our clients a massive satisfaction with our services. Come and party with us, as we bring you an extraordinary Christmas celebration here in Cebu, Philippines. Visit our office and JOIN our January TOUR 2015. SEE YOU SOON!

PW Video Episode 169: MISS AFA OCTOBER 2014 - 2nd Night

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Get ready to the warmest approach of the Lovely Davao Ladies!

It's raining of BEAUTIFUL LADIES HERE IN DAVAO!!! And oh! They are not just beautiful; they are the most caring, the most devoted, loving, and the sexiest women on the planet!! Well, I'm just quoting what the clients said about the Filipino Ladies… Now, another set of Davao Ladies will be introducing themselves to you as they confidently ramp in front of the crowd. They are nervous yet they still handle themselves gracefully. So, again… just sit back and enjoy the episode. Who knows? One of these featured Davao Ladies will be the one you'll be bringing on the next DAVAO TOURS and shares inspiring testimonies just like our newly wed couples Jean & Jeremiah C. and Roxate & Claude H.. SO BOOK YOUR ASIAN CLUB or SIGN UP FOR OUR MARCH TOUR this 2015 and let your Love story begin here in DAVAO, PHILIPPINES!

PW Video Episode 168: A phenomenal experience in Bohol tour 2014

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Why should you join the tour?

Experience the finest tour you can ever imagine! Witness the world famous chocolate hills and the smallest monkey you'll surely love. Bohol is the friendly heart of the Visayas region and one of the most alluring tourist destinations in the country. It's a perfect place to bring your date and adore the beautiful island full of adventure and remarkable white sand beaches. You might want to stay longer, because it can surely consume your deepest interest in breathe taking outdoor scenic views. Along with Bohol's pristine coastline, you can also discover the renowned dive spots where you can enjoy a beautiful aquatic quest. No matter what your looking for Bohol has it all. That is one of the reasons why you should join our tour. BOOK your ticket NOW!

PW Video Episode 167: MISS AFA OCTOBER 2014 - 1st Night

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Confident, Witty, Elegant, And BEAUTIFUL! That's what Davao Ladies Are!

MISS AFA, the most favorite part of the guests. Chosen Davao Ladies of the Night will ramp on the center floor and let them speak up to express how they feel about the guys. Stunningly beautiful, the Davao Ladies might surely capture your heart just in a minute!!! And it is through the way they ramp, look at you in your eyes, the way they shake-shake and the moment they tease you with their pick up lines (Humorous words of romantic interest). To add up some spice, three testimonies will also be presented on the video and will give you an interesting idea that could make you realize to come over here and grab this INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE. Anyway, we will just let this video open up your heart and mind! So, just sit back, relax, enjoy and Don't miss another chance again and again!!!! Book for our DAVAO MARCH TOUR this 2015…. These Davao Ladies are waiting!!!! SEE YOU HERE!

PW Video Episode 166: It's the moment you finally say "I do"

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Patrick and Nelgen's wedding and social dinner.

You've seen the engagement of Patrick and Nelgen last July 7, 2014. Today you are about to witness how successful they are in their love story. It's the moment you say "I do". Getting married is very essential here in the Philippines and it's our culture that we permanently treasure marriage because we believe that love should be a lifetime commitment. People constantly say that it's tough to find a genuine girl in this online business; however, it is even harder to find yourself being alone in this crazy world. Where would you like to end up with? Of course life would be fun when it is shared by two. Don't let yourself hang with "what if's" but do it NOW and make your dreams come to reality. The good news is that we are about to start our January tour 2015, so make it happen and book a ticket NOW! Our lovely ladies here in Cebu are excited to MEET YOU!

PW Video Episode 165: DAVAO MARCH SOCIALS PARTY 2014

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Know it from the people who experience it!

OCTOBER SOCIALS PARTY AGAIN! This is the most awaited event every year. For a twist, we will present this differently. It's more convincing to know the real happenings of this event through the people who experience everything on it. And now, we will be hearing the testimonies of our wonderful guests, Stephen Jaworski and the newly engaged couple Jose R. and Jeanette (Who just met during October Socials Party 2014). All the activities went well. All the guests enjoyed everything. The first dance, the serenading of the guys, the table hopping, MISS AFA, the games, and the opening of the dance floor (DISCO), because of these activities the girls and especially the guests (Foreign guys) were overwhelmed. And this incredible event results to lots of engagements. So it's time for you to open your heart and mind now!!! Treat yourself and make a move! Don't miss our next Davao tour next year again! You'll be surprised of what awaits you here!!! Book for your DAVAO MARCH TOUR 2015 and don't miss this opportunity again! See you on MARCH 2015!

PW Video Episode 163: Break a sweat up with these Lovely Ladies from Davao!

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It's more fun to ride a bicycle with these FOUR DAVAO LADIES.

We've witness how the Ladies try to ride on scooters and skateboard last Davao Video Episode and now another group of Davao ladies will show how they enjoy riding the bicycle. Just like Albert Einstein said: "Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance, you must keep moving." Life is not that easy for these featured Davao ladies, but they still keep moving till they reach their dreams and goals in life. And one of their dreams is to find their ONE TRUE LOVE!!! Same with them, you guys are wishing to have that LOVE OF YOUR LIFE in the near future, right? So, if you're worried about falling off the bike, but with these lovely Davao ladies? You'll surely love it! These girls are waiting for you here in Davao, Philippines! Come on by and see them in person!!! BOOK A TRIP NOW AND START TURNING YOUR DREAMS TO REALITY! SEE YOU HERE IN DAVAO CITY, PHILIPPINES!

PW Video Episode 162: Cebu ladies waiting to hear from you!

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HOT and AVAILABLE 12 ladies await you!!

These 12 ladies are waiting for you to make your move! What are you waiting for? Don't just stare, do it! All of these 12 gorgeous ladies are available to meet you here in Cebu. You don't want to miss this kind of opportunity. It requires courage and a leap of faith to try this amazing journey for love. They may be far from your distance, but they are worthy of your travel. We recognize what you're likely thinking, don't worry because Cebu is a secure place to travel around. We offer UNLIMITED happiness here in Cebu, Philippines. BOOK NOW! See you NEXT January Tour 2015.

PW Video Episode 161: Playing skateboard and scooters with the Girls? Why not?

Watch Video
See the cuteness of these four charming Davao Ladies.

Davao ladies are always willing to try things that are unusual to them only just for you! Even if they don't really know how to ride on a scooter and skateboard they still ride on it, make fun of it, and enjoying every moment of it. It only showed the positivity of Filipina women especially Davao women of course! Look at their natural smiles, their eyes full of joy, and the realness of what they really are. Being honest is one of the most important characters a woman should have, right? That is included on your list of attitude for sure! So who knows?! One of these FOUR CHARMING DAVAO LADIES could capture your heart… Enjoy!

PW Video Episode 160: What happened during the Cebu August Tour 2014?

Watch Video
August Social Tour 2014 - Social One

Where in the world should you be today? Cebu is the impeccable answer! Cebu has an abundance of beauty. Not just beautiful girls, but the place itself is like a sanctuary of fine natures gift. There is no danger when you come in Cebu. See how we build the dreams of our August tour clients come to liveliness. Having an extraordinary trip full of gorgeous and sincere women. Can you conceive of that? It's really happening. You got only one thing to do when you come here, enjoy everything! See them for real and experience an unforgettable trip of your life. It is never too late to sign up for the next Cebu tour.

PW Video Episode 159: Dinah Joy and Jeff are now happy together in the US

Watch Video
The wait is finally over!

It all started last year August 2013 during the Cebu Social Tour. Who would have thought that this amazing couple are now living together. Yes,  together! No more long distance relationship. Hello, soon to be husband and wife! Meeting a woman here in the Philippines is just the right choice, Jeff recalled. At first you will be in doubt if this thing will work out, nonetheless, if you believe in yourself and try things at the end you will endure the happiness that you've been looking for. It's like the thrill of entering a new metropolis that is full of exhilaration and merriment. Exploring and discovering new things. It's awesome. You may feel like not wanting to leave because you will begin to feel more comfy and enjoy the refinement. If Jeff is happy now and is about to get married with Dinah Joy in the Us, why can't you? Be independent and experience your own adventure NOW! 

PW Video Episode 158: Series of women attending the DAVAO OCTOBER SOCIALS PARTY Part 6

Watch Video
Part 2: More reasons why you shouldn't miss Davao October Tour 2014

GENUINE! NATURAL! And most of all EXCEPTIONAL BEAUTIES! This episode will show how these Davao Ladies express themselves naturally. Videos don't lie. You can really see them move, talk, smile, scream, and even laugh for real. But it's even better if you'll see them and bond with them personally. Fun isn't so hard to experience especially when you do it here in Davao, Philippines with the Beautiful Stunning Ladies from Davao. We know that you're too lonely… lonely of being alone for a long time. Now is the time to have someone who could be with you for the rest of your life. Don't hesitate to try this INCREDIBLE SEARCH FOR LOVE and be one of our Happy and successful clients who have their "Happy Ever After" in reality. SIGNING UP FOR OUR DAVAO OCTOBER TOUR IS NOT YET CLOSE. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! SIGN UP NOW!!! See you here in Davao, Philippines this October, 2014!

PW Video Episode 157: Series of women attending the DAVAO OCTOBER SOCIALS PARTY Part 5

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Part 2: More reasons why you shouldn't miss Davao October Tour 2014

Ready your notes now and start writing your "What to do List"!!This video will give you more ideas about what will be the perfect place to have a date here in Davao, Philippines plus another 20 Wonderful Ladies who are so accommodating and sweet. This video is the first part of the whole episode and you will be seeing how beautiful the featured Davao ladies on their photos wearing their sexy elegant dress or even on their swim wear attire... You'll be captivated by their photos… how much more seeing them talking, laughing, smiling for real in the video? You will love it even more for sure!!! So stay tune with us and feel like you're heading up on your dream LOVE STORY! DON'T MISS THIS CHANCE AGAIN!!! BOOK YOUR OCTOBER TOUR NOW!! AND START YOUR INCREDIBLE SEARCH HERE IN DAVAO, PHILIPPINES!

PW Video Episode 156: Series of women attending the DAVAO OCTOBER SOCIALS PARTY Part 4

Watch Video
Part 2: Davao Beauties hoping to find their TRUE LOVE Tour Socials

Here goes the fourth batch of Davao Striking Ladies who's hoping to find the man they are waiting for, their Mr. Right, the love of their life forever and their TRUE LOVE. Whatever they call it these Davao ladies are REAL and SINCERE in searching for their lifetime partner. How about you?! The feelings of these Davao Ladies are mutual to your feelings too for sure! Don't waste your time thinking without making any move. Because Good dreams happen only if you believe on it, have faith on it, and making it come true. It's not too late yet!! BOOK YOUR DAVAO OCTOBER TOUR NOW!!! And start your DREAM LOVE STORY COME TRUE!! These Davao Ladies are waiting… SEE YOU HERE IN DAVAO, PHILIPPINES!

PW Video Episode 155: Series of women attending the DAVAO OCTOBER SOCIALS PARTY Part III

Watch Video
Part 2: Sincere, warm, and sweet! These Davao Ladies will capture you!

Stop being so skeptic! Make some change! This is your chance now! If you're thinking twice, thrice… think again and end up joining our OCTOBER TOUR. Don't miss this chance again…. All these Davao ladies are warm how much more if you'll meet them personally. Life is full of surprises but you wouldn't be surprised if you were hesitant of trying things. Let yourself be amaze of what awaits you here in Davao, Philippines. JOIN OUR DAVAO OCTOBER TOUR! BOOK NOW!

PW Video Episode 154: Series of women attending the DAVAO OCTOBER SOCIALS PARTY Part II

Watch Video
Part 2: More Davao Ladies are approaching and they can't wait to see you!!!

Here's more! And they can't really stop themselves from the excitement they feel about the upcoming October Socials Party! We're sure you're excited too! These Davao Ladies have a lot to offer and you will like it for sure! One more month waiting for the big event and they can't wait to see you!!! All of us want some wonderful change in our lives. And maybe that change is what's heading you to come here in Davao, Philippines this October! Keep on Believing and you'll see how it works like the successful couples we had. BOOK YOUR OCTOBER TOUR NOW!!!

PW Video Episode 153: Series of women attending the DAVAO OCTOBER SOCIALS PARTY Part I

Watch Video
Part 1: These 20 lovely women of Davao are waiting to meet you!

OOH LA LA LA! Here comes the First batch of Stunning Ladies from Davao! And Yes! They will attend the DAVAO OCTOBER SOCIALS 2014. Isn't it great to see these beautiful ladies on the four corner room where the Socials party will be held? How about talking with them?! Eating with them?! Playing the Party games with them?! And Oh! Of course! These Ladies will love to dance with you too!!! The Davao Ladies will let you feel how hospitable they are. And they are so excited to see you all here in Davao, Philippines! DON'T MISS THIS CHANCE AGAIN!! These Davao Ladies are waiting. And who knows? It's your time now to have your own great love story! So BOOK FOR YOUR OCTOBER TOUR NOW!

PW Video Episode 152: 1... 2... 3... We are waiting for you to JOIN US!

Watch Video
Part 4: These 18 lovely women of Cebu are READY to meet you!

Life is too short to not try this amazing tour. It's about falling in love while traveling and enjoying at the same time.  The biggest challenge of travel-love could also be considered its greatest benefit. Falling in love while traveling involves an inevitable deadline. You have a few options in dealing with this; you can be lazy and say 'what's the point of getting involved? Or you can be bold and adventurous like you are in all other respects of traveling and say 'Hell yes, I'm starting to throw an astonishing love affair with someone in a different culture!' This attitude not only helps you meet someone, but enhances the time you'll spend with them. You  may end up happy like most of our tour clients. It's better to try something different rather than keep dreaming of a life you wish to have. Make your dream come to life and start your trip NOW!

PW Video Episode 151: Finest. Tour, CEBU

Watch Video
Part 3: 18 SIZZLING hot women of Cebu

Still thinking of joining or not? Well, enough of that guys but take a lot at these 18 sizzling hot women of Cebu that will surely rock your mind. Expecting that these ladies will surely be joining the August Social Tour. The hippest party in town is happening VERY SOON. You can only change your life for good or stay stocked with your old routine. Why not give it a try? There are more than just beautiful ladies here, but we devote you a memory that will live eternally! Stop fantasizing and make it happen! BOOK NOW! 

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